Total Bowhead Thursday

Today is Thursday! Yay, time to show you some bowheads! I want to start with our bowhead of the week…

Here is a little about our bowhead…
Catherine loves Minnie Mouse, Frozen, she loves to paint, she loves ballet class, and she loves cats (although we don’t have one). Her favorite foods are fruit, vegetables, steak, and popsicles. Cracker Barrel is her favorite!! Probably because she always gets to shop too! She especially loves trips to Target with mama. 😆 She is a girly girl who is sassy and knows what she wants! She is very loving and friendly. She is 2 years old and has worn One Stop Bow Shop since she was 4 months old!

Adorable little one right!? Of course she is!

Now let’s see some more bowheads… these are great photos! You can total submit photos to us on the VIP GROUP PAGE!

Thank you for everyone who submits photos in! It makes it so much fun for us.

If you are interested in having your little girl featured as the bowhead of the week please email me at or reach out on social media!

Love Always, Casey

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