Tuesday Talk

Today we are going to talk about shapes of bows. Our hairbows are always PERKY… well the ones that are supposed to be are. The FLAT ones are meant to be flat.

Let me explain.

All of our bows are perky and fluffy!! The styles that are flat are… Bowtie, Pinwheel and Tuxedo.

Let me show you those flat styles now.

Tuxedo Velvet! I love this one for Winter!

So those were our FLAT bows…. They lay on the head so cute too! Look at Penley rocking her Xlarge Grosgrain Tuxedo!

Now for those perky styles…. We have so many choices. Look at these below!!! Which one is your favorite!? I love so many of these styles it is hard to pick just one.

There you have it. We have Flat and we have Perky!

Go shop today and use code: myfav to get 15% off your favorite styles and a free surprise bow! Redeem this code by Friday December 4th

Free Shipping on orders over $15 🙂

Love Always, Casey

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