My Life Monday

Wow! I really enjoyed my week out of the office. I think it was needed. At my house this last week we did sooo much cooking and also decorating. I will show you just a little of what went on below. Everything below is Gluten, Dairy, Soy and Corn FREE! All was delicious and I would totally do it all again. The hardest part was the dressing. Only because I had to make the cream of celery and cream of chicken soup – we couldn’t just use the can ones. It wasn’t hard to make it just a little extra step. Good news is I froze the left overs of the soups and can store it up to 3 months! YAY.

The funniest thing I did though was I made cream of mushroom soup on accident for no reason at all… well I wouldn’t say no reason at all it was on my mind because I was in charge of bringing green bean casserole to a family function so in my head I needed to make it but I really didn’t need to because I wasn’t making it for Paisley or me. So I will be hunting for a reciepe this week to go with my cream of mushroom soup! LOL crazy me… opps.

Thanksgiving morning Paisley lost her tooth. Yes this was very much intentional – Paisley had it ready for about 5 days before she pulled it. She thought she should wait until Thanksgiving to make it special. She has another one that is wiggly and she is shooting for Christmas on that one.

Brandon helped the girl write their letters to Santa and bake them into a Christmas ornament for their elves to take back to Santa. This was a really cool process.

Paisley and Penley had games this weekend. We are going to be sooo busy this winter with sports. This is Penley’s first time to every play a real sport – she is already really good at Volleyball just because she practices with her big sister. Paisley is playing Volleyball and Basketball this winter.

Look below at how cute Penley is… down and ready!

This is a funny story… Paisley went to a friends house that just got a mini Goldendoodle and of course Paisley was taking care of the puppy and played with it and bathed it…. anyways she came home and Harper (our 44 pound Goldendoodle) smelled this sweater that Paisley had on for 10 minutes… Paisley finally decided okay okay you can wear it. Then Harper was happy and she wore it for the rest of the night! LOL that dog needs a little sister (other than Bubbles).

Paisley also had a Volleyball game this weekend after church on Sunday. Don’t you just love the new jerseys we got the girls! I know right. They are perfect and now we are official. The girls won every game last season and the championship too! Now that they are getting better and better we are going to have to get some new drills for at practice.

I mean really look at them… so cute! Well this was just a little of what we did over the long break. We are in the Christmas spirit at our house. I hope you are also. Love Always, Casey.

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