My Life Monday

I really love these two girls, my favorite girls in the whole entire world! They are so cute. So sweet. So fun. Best Friends. ALL OF THAT is MOST DAYS! I will be honest though- they have their days that they are none of that. I would say though 30 out of 31 days they are the best girls ever!!!

Over the weekend was their daddy’s birthday. Have to give Brandon a shout out every now and then. He helped the girls squeeze lemons and make a lemonade stand. He always called his friends and family to come buy some lemonade! Paisley also called my dad and he stopped by also. They had so much fun selling lemonade they said they want to do it again on Tuesday this week! Lol these girls keep me on my toes.

I’ve been preparing for Thanksgiving! Yay. I am attempting making me and Paisley food to take to our Thanksgiving lunch and dinner. I will be doing a very small turkey along with dressing, green beans, mashed potatoes, squash casserole… and then we are making peanut butter cookies, sugar cookies maybe a pie or two! I am so excited I have totally been over buying!

I just found these pie shells! I was so excited… I came home snd made empanadas with them!

They were sooo good so now I can use them for dessert making too. Yes, you see that right… I have been clarifying my own butter and molding them into sticks!!!

These girls really know how to party! Penley is taking a pre-party nap. Anytime she is in the car she falls asleep within 15 minutes. Paisley and those hats!!!

We have been discussing bringing in some new things into the One Stop Bow Shop line… so the girls have been testing out my prototypes!!

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Make sure you visit because our Thanksgiving Sale has started! You pick your deal.

Love Always, Casey!

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