Tuesday Talk

Hey today on Tuesday Talk I am going to teach you how to measure your bow the One Stop Bow Shop way! It is super simple. We measure from bottom left to top right! I am pretty sure its like measuring a TV. I will rattle off a little more than just that though.

Xsmall, Small and Medium bows are all made of 7/8th wide ribbons (this will make the bow seem smaller that our “larger bows”

Large is made with 1.5 inch ribbons

Xlarge, Jumbo and Xlarge Jumbo are all made with 2 1/4 inch wide (these will all appear much bigger than the large bow)

Sister Mega and Mega are made with 3 inch ribbons! This is our big bows. Someone once told me that those are the “helicopter bows”.

Why pick One Stop Bow Shop? Well, honestly it boils down to AMAZING CUSTOMER SERVICE and QUALITY. You want both of those and we have them. Case and point below. I will not say any names of where I found this bow because that is not how I roll. I will say that this bow is flat and uneven looking. Our bow is perky and centered. If you know anything about my company it is that I take pride in our hairbows. I hope you have noticed! I also will say the bows were priced the same…. easy choice.

This style above was the glitter grosgrain bow. I love this style. It sparkles. The glitter does not come off easily. We have even washed ours and the glitter stayed. Shop that style here.

Did you see that until Friday we have the select Christmas at 30% off!?

I know we always like to have some good deals for you. I am planning now for next weeks deal… It is getting closer to Thanksgiving and Black Friday Sales… I am curious – leave me some comments about what you want to see on sale!

I hope you have a happy Tuesday! Love Always, Casey.

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