My Life Monday

Well my weekend went fast. I bet yours did too…

Our weekend was packed. Friday Paisley had a Volleyball game and we also went to a private event at Six Flags! So much fun. I know… yes we did have to wear a mask but honestly it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.

Penley went on her very first “real” rollercoaster. She was terrified when we went but she was happy and liked it also. She liked the most when it was over. She didn’t want to do it again.


Penley’s favorite ride was the swings. They were fun. We did the swings several times.

Paisley had fun too. Look at that smile. We were on the last call of the Judge Roy Scream. We both really like that ride. We did so much walking that Paisley got tired so her daddy carried her back to the car. How sweet was that!

Saturday Paisley was back on the courts… Volleyball tournament! We placed 1st!!! Wow I could not be more proud of these little girls. They are fighters.

On Saturday morning I woke up NERVOUS. I have NEVER been so nervous for a kids game. I have to tell you this also… they had to fight to win both games. Both games started rocky rocky and we lost the first match IN BOTH GAMES. So glad that Volleyball matches are best of 3!

One of the moms got this photo and shared it with me! I love it too. She captured us praying. Before each game and practice we pray. I am so thankful she sent me this photo.

After Volleyball you tend to get HUNGRY! We have this little restaurant that is about 200 yards from our house so we took a little drive over there and hung out on the rooftop. Checkout that sunset!

Sunday after church we had a celebration at our house for the Volleyball team. It was a lot of fun to see all the families and kiddos playing outside and swimming! Who would have thought that you could swim in November!? I know that is Texas for you right!?

I hope you guys had a wonderful weekend too! I can’t wait to go through my Instagram and see what y’all did! Happy Monday! Love Always, Casey

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