Friday Finds!

Hey hey its Friday! I have a deal deal deal for you too. I want to take the time to show you some Matilda Jane Matches from us at One Stop Bow Shop! If you know the brand Matilda Jane then you know quality. Let’s be honest about this also…. if you know One Stop Bow Shop you know quality as well. I have to say I am so proud of the quality that my company offers. You will not… I repeat … YOU WILL NOT find another hairbow company that takes as much pride in their products or another company that offers the same quality as ours.

Still doubt and haven’t ordered – girl you need to go read my Google reviews from customers. With over 310+ reviews if you still don’t order that is on you. 🙂 You will be missing out. Hehe but seriously don’t miss out go to

I will give you one for reason to order… Matilda Jane is 25% off for the weekend. That is right from right now until Sunday at midnight I am putting all Matilda Jane Matches on sale.

Use code: Made2Match at checkout!

Checkout what else I did for you… I made a way for you to see the past collections by month. You can go in and order that way now also. Let me know if you like it. Comment on blog post or on my social media somewhere! I love hearing from you.

Yes, you might be thinking what about November Solids… are those on sale!? Well, of course they are. As long as you order them the correct way… click here.

That is a lot of options for the clothing you love! So proud to be your first and last stop for hairbows! Go shop Matilda Jane Hairbows Now! Order processing times are currently 3-7 business days! If you need your bows processed faster you do have the option of upgrading your processing and shipping time!!! This really helps with the shipping time. The post office has been slow since Covid and I highly recommend doing Priority Shipping… this will also speed up the processing time to 2/4 business days instead of 3 to 7. A plus about the standard shipping though is it is free!

I know – I had to. I saw this puppy photo and thought oh my goodness yes that is the way to leave a Friday morning! Enjoy your day and weekend! Love Always, Casey

Start Shopping

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