Total Bowhead Thursday

I have the cutest 3 sisters right here that have a huge surprise coming… These little girls have been wearing One Stop Bow Shop since Penelope was a baby! In fact her first One Stop Bow Shop Bow she picked up in store (not online).. now that is cool! Watching these girls grow has been so fun for me. Let’s get to know them just a little….

Here is what mama says…

This is Penelope she just had a Birthday! She is 4!!! She is an amazing big sister and loves her baby dolls. She has an amazing imagination and wants to be a princess when she grows up.

Magnolia is next and she is 2 years old. She has the best sense of humor! She loves cats and horses. He favorite thing to do is play dress up!

Tillie is 15 months old. She is silly and wants to be just like her big sisters! She loves to cuddle and dance and make everyone laugh!

These three girls are just the sweetest and look at how happy they are. Sisters are the best!

Remember I said they have a surprise… well guess what! Another bowhead is on the way and checkout her name Mabel Adeline! How cute is that!? Mabel will arrive in April of 2021…

You can follow along their Instagram here.

Now for some more bowheads… let’s see what they have been up to all week… here are the latest photos from mamas like you sending them my way on instagram, Facebook and in the VIP GROUP.

We have some really cute bowheads out there! Make sure you start sending us photos so we can post right here on the blog too. One Stop Bow Shop customers are the happiest!

I have a challenge on the site today… go take advantage of it if you haven’t. You get a free bow, bowholder, coupon and you could get an extra surprise too! Click Here.

As always I hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll see you back tomorrow for Friday Finds!

Love Always, Casey

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