My Life Monday

Well here is what I did this weekend…

I started working out again. I took a month off of my bike because I didn’t want to be sore or interfere with my Whole30 feelings… I was also trying to give my body time to heal from my Hip Burstits… I am doing better!!! I have worked out 3 times and I feel okay. Body may be sore but honestly of course it would be because I haven’t moved my body like that in a month!

My Whole30 adventure is done like I told y’all last week. I am still going to eat as clean as I can as often as I can. Paisley and I have been “reintroducing” foods into our system. So far we have tried Dairy in the form of milk and butter. For her it had no impact she was fine. For me it caused inflammation in my body. We also tried soy. That did not impact my body but for Paisley it hurt her stomach so bad it brought her to tears. Another item that has no impact on me but does for Paisley is corn/corn starch…. once again it brings her to tears with no impact on her.

I wonder if it is because hers is gut and my are bones? We will keep testing things out and let you know. I WILL SAY… I am very surprised how much GLUTEN FREE items have corn starch or corn oil in them. I am highly sad about this for her.

Here is a photo of Penley when we went out to Sake Hibachi to test out a soy product! She was happy. She also commented after that her stomach hurt… she didn’t do whole30 with us I mean to be honest she didn’t even make it to whole1 LOL…. so I don’t know if she just said it hurt or it she actually hurt from it.

Paisley scored 2 goals in her game on Saturday! So proud of her. The more she plays basketball the better she gets at it. When she plays basketball she is always always smiling running down the court. I didn’t get any photos of her playing since I coach but I will work on that. Next weekend I will take photos of her playing volleyball we have playoffs! We are in first place this season and I am so proud of her team. They have worked so hard this season.

Jalepeno Peppers, Bell Peppers, Serrano Peppers and Poblano Peppers!

Did you know I am a farmer? Yup, on a very very small scale that is. We planted tons of plants during the “Spring Break” that never ended…. you know when Covid shut down the world… yah well anyways here are some items we just picked because I wanted to make some hot sauce, guacamole and a dinner with the peppers and poblano peppers!

Sunday night I made Sausage stuffed Bell Peppers and Poblano Peppers with Marinara. I paired it with Cabbage and Onion.

A sweet customer sent me this photo of our corduroy bows with her sweaters! They look so cute!

I love getting to know my customers… I love interacting with you guys!

I HAVE SOMETHING SPECIAL FOR YALL TO DO. It will take effort but it will be worth it!

I am going to give you a free bowholder, a free bow and a coupon to use on your next purchase when you show me that you follow One Stop Bow Shop on all these platforms. Do this by November 13th! It is easy. Click the links to take you to each place and snap shot then just email or message me on social to show me. I will message you back to give you the coupon and get the info on what color bowholder you want and I will show you the free bow then too!


Facebook Page

Facebook Group

Follow my personal Facebook (extra surprise)

I know some of you only have Facebook or only have Instagram. However, in order to get all 3 deals you have to follow on all three areas. If you only have 1 you will only get one of the three but I will let you pick what you get! Since I am super sweet and it is November and November is for THANKSGIVING Month I am feeling extra sweet…. I think all of you who know me would say I am a very nice and a sweet gal! I hope you all have a wonderful Monday! I look forward to chatting it up with you all.

Love Always Casey!

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