Friday Finds

Wow. Is it really Friday already? I guess with having off school on Monday and Tuesday and Paisley being ill on Wednesday and Thursday – I guess that does make it Friday.

Well happy Friday! Let me show you some of my favorite Friday items.

Obviously the Glitter Grosgrain and Glitter Sheer are one of them. Today is the last day they are 30% off. If you need them you better hurry to One Stop Bow Shop!

I will say… I will have a new sale for you on Saturday and Sunday! I am wondering if I should just tell you here since you are a blog reader and so sweet to come look here first!

Yes, I love my blog readers so I gave it to you early! Make sure you grab right now because 40% off doesn’t come around often.

I love the bow box because it is an easy way to get bows delivered to your door without thinking about it. Each month we send you 5 hairbows for 1 low cost. We send 2 grosgrain styles, 2 dressy styles and 1 fun print! This month we have a FREE BOWHOLDER and A FREE PRINT as an OPT IN! We hope you join the fun!

We added several new styles! You really should go check those out.

Other than that… that is kind of it for this Friday. Short. Sweet. Simple.

Have a wonderful Friday and a great weekend! Love Always, Casey.

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