Tuesday Talk

So it is Tuesday! That means I get to teach you something. Today I want to talk about coupon codes. How to type them in and how to make sure you get the savings! Here we go. Since I am visual I like to really show you and then also tell you.


So that was how to do it on a desktop. The next slides are how to do it from your mobile device. It is still just as easy if not even easier! Step 1 add awesome bows to cart. Step 2 Hit add coupon Step 3 type in coupon code and hit apply… SEE THE SAVINGS GROW!

Yes, I used this code to show you because this code is currently active until Friday!!! Glitter Grosgrain and Glitter Sheer bows are 30% off! Wow did you know that? If not I bet I just blew your mind! These are staple bows during the holiday season if you ask me! Click here to shop!

Great savings are everywhere when you pay attention! Have you joined the VIP Group? You can get a special code for joining right now. Plus there are always fun deals going on inside that group! Trust me go join!

Get everywhere One Stop Bow Shop fast by clicking our Linktree photo or right here! Another great place to go inside the Linktree is the Email List… sign up to get emails!!! Just for signing up we will send you a coupon code to use!

Well for one day that seems like a lot to take in and a lot of clicking you need to go do. So I will let you go do that and I will go cook some breakfast! See you later on Instagram and Facebook!

Happy Tuesday. Love Always, Casey!

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