My Life Monday

Well… welcome to November! I know it is the 2nd but I wasn’t with you here yesterday to say Happy November on the 1st. I am not sure why but my two kids are out of school Monday and Tuesday this week.

We will have fun hanging out around the house though. We are going to run into the office tomorrow morning though because we need to ship out the Bow Box! If you haven’t seen the November box click here and take a look! Plus you get a free bow and bowholder for opting in.

Here is a little of what we did this weekend.

the girls work up and wanted to make flour slime… yes, I didn’t know what that meant either. Neither did they. All they knew is they wanted to use flour and mix a bunch of things together to get slime. It worked out for them.

Paisley’s actually looked like cookie dough by the time she was done with it. She even put chunks of chocolate into it.

This weekend Paisley had 3 games! She had 2 volleyball and 1 basketball. When you ask her which she likes better her answer is always…. I don’t know.

Here is a photo of the girls before we went to a Halloween/Birthday Party. It was a sweet birthday party for a little boy in Penley’s class. She is starting to make her own friends at school and I love it for her. So many play dates and sports are in her near future.

So cute… they went on a hayride and trick or treated too. Yes, not as many people participated this year but there was still Halloween! Some people put candy out on tables and some even got creative and used piping to slide the candy into to create a social distance passing. Those who felt comfortable had their lights and porch light on. The kids had a blast and they didn’t have to miss out on Halloween. I was so thankful the kids got to go!

My whole30 is almost over. Today is the last day! I honestly can’t believe it has gone by so fast. I mean crazy. It hasn’t been bad at all. Paisley lasted the entire time also. Super proud of her. We are excited for Tuesday. We are going to start with Dairy to reintroduce. Paisleys goal is to figure out what foods are hurting her belly. My goal is to figure out what foods are making my body ache.

I think we are going to stay Gluten Free for sure but of course we will text wheat and see what happens…. but as many of you know my family was GF for almost a year a while back (when we were trying to figure out why Paisley had all the symptoms of Celiac).

I was super excited to find these chips this weekend… if corn, wheat or soy upsets your tummy you should try these out! They were sooo good. Paisley and I made Guacamole and added Bacon and ate these chips with them. Oh so good! I have never thought about putting Bacon inside Guacamole until my sweet cousin Catherine did it and brought it to one of our parties!

Anyways that was our little weekend. Now it is time for me to go make some breakfast! Always food with me! LOL have a great Monday! Love Always, Casey

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