Friday Finds

It is Friday! Yay that means I get to show you some Friday Finds… sorry this is getting posted later than usual. Ive been busy this morning.

Make sure you go all the way to the bottom of blog for the best Find!!!!!

What is a great deal right now? November Bow Box! Let me show you why.

We will make a bow with this ribbon when you opt in during November!!! YAY – you get to pick the size also! Plus a FREE bowholder with subscription!

Wow. That is a great deal. I hope that this is the month you decide to sign up! Did you know that you can cancel at anytime also (as long as it is 7 days before the next months box ships). Super easy to do that by emailing me or calling the office. Slide the photos below to see all 3 box options.

If you didn’t already know we added a third size box because we had customers asking for a smaller box option! Now with 3 box sizes to pick from there is no reason not to sign up for a couple months.

You can even add on headbands! Above are the 2 styles we offer… Option 1 baby/toddler bands and Option 2 is big kid hard bands!

Now for that deal that you have been waiting for! We are GIVING AWAY with any size order for the next 2 days this FALL HARVEST bow. Plus a coupon code for TRENDY PRINTS.

One last thing before you go… if you go to my Facebook Group for my VIPS and request to be in group I will send you a COUPON CODE for site! YAY… that is fun! Just by joining. You know you can do that with email too… sign up if you don’t get them yet and get a coupon code! Click Here follow the links for anything Bow Shop!

Well those are my Friday Finds… hope you love them. Now go to One Stop Bow Shop and place an order so you can get that free bow. Hurry!

Love Always, Casey

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