Total Bowhead Thursday

Thursdays at One Stop Bow Shop are meant for my bowheads!!! That is right I like to show you kiddos wearing our bows! Slide through and glance in the gallery area for your kids. So many cute photos were submitted this week on the Facebook VIP Group.

How do you submit photos? The best way is to join my VIP group on Facebook! You can also email me photos to or If you don’t want to email me photos you can send them via social media (Instagram or Facebook). BUT I WILL SAY I alway ASK for photos on my VIP page. That is why I recommend going there. If you message them to me I just might forget to add them! I am all about routine and time management. That is how I can wear so many hats around my office and at home.

By now you know I like to single out a bowhead each week! I call it my Bowhead of The Week! Well this week I have Charlotte!

Here is what her momma has to say about her!

Hi! This is Charlotte and she has been a OSBS bowhead since we found this wonderful shop, when she was 5 months old! She is now 3 years old and has such a wonderful personality! She is so smart, she knows hers shapes and colors, and loves to recite her ABCs and count. She also loves playing with her big brothers and telling them what to do! She loves riding her Minnie Mouse bike, her scooter, and helping mommy garden. She loves watching Disney movies, but has an extreme obsession with all things Frozen! She is such a joy and blessing for our family! 

Now… let me show you some sweet photos of her! Always sporting great clothing too so you should go follow her! Click here to follow!

Each week that I pick a new bowhead I just sit in awe. I sit here and think about how far my little company has come and how lucky I am to be able to serve you guys and how blessed I am to have sweet mamas and adorable bowheads! You guys are the reason I do what I do. The joy my bows can bring to your life makes it worth it!

That sums up Total Bowhead Thursday! Make sure you go to the site today if you need a VELVET, CORDUROY OR BURLAP bow… because they are 25% off right now. That ends tonight at midnight though. Coupon code: special

Click here to shop!

Love Always, Casey

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