What You Missed Wednesday

Okay so this last week we processed over 160 orders…. yes, here they are! All of them unless for some reason one didn’t upload over properly. If you have been on Instagram and Facebook over the last week you may have already seen them. If you haven’t this is what you missed. Look carefully for yours. Comment below if you see it! I would love to know you found it.

I have to say I have an amazing staff- just wait there are more photos. We promised you guess the orders would ship within a specific timeframe and they did it! I can’t believe they made this many hairbows in a matter of a week. The week before if you remember we were super busy also! I am so glad so many of you out there love OneStopBowShop.com

There were sooo many beautiful orders! You guys picked amazing bows. Did you know that we are about to have more ribbons for Christmas? Yes if you click that link it will show you the new ribbons coming!!! These will be up online later today or Thursday! Depends how fast I can work!

Let me show you more orders that went out!

Did you know right now we have a discount on our specialty bows – that is our velvets, corduroy, burlap and more.. head over to the site the code is: special here is a link to what’s on sale. Ends on the 29th though so hurry! More fun sales and fun giveaways are going to happen soon. It is getting close to Thanksgiving and Christmas are you ready? If not go get ready now!

Love Always, Casey

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