My Life Monday

Wake me up I need some coffee! I love hot fresh coffee on a cold day. Give me my yoga pants and a thick sweat shirt and my blanket too! Lately I’ve been getting questions asking how my Whole 30 is going… so let me give you an update!

Well… it is going great and I only have 7 days left! It was a super quick month. Taking Grains, Dairy, Soy, Alcohol, Legumes and Added Sugar out of the diet I thought would be very challenging. I guess when you expect the worst it isn’t so bad! The hardest part of Whole 30 is the very beginning of getting use to purchasing what is allowed on it. The dressings and sauces I think were the hardest to find and overwhelming and the fact that so much of our foods have added sugar these days.

I honestly don’t even feel like I have to add anything back into my eating habits – I could eat this way for at least 60 more days. My plan though is to keep my eating pretty clean but occasionally have something that has cheese or sugar like a cookie! I don’t do cakes (typically) or ice cream but I do love me some cookies, brownies or those peanut butter rice crispy things (yah, maybe I miss those items a little). I am sure I will be doing some adjustments.

Anyways back to the what have you been eating… here are some of my latest meals that I had. The warm salad was actually my favorite!

What am I cooking this week? I’ll show you each night on Instagram and Facebook Stories! In the meantime here is my list! Am I cooking each day? Yes, I love to cook. It is stress relieving for me to do it even if we are super busy at the house it is one thing I get to control (which I love too).

This week I am cooking:

Monday- BBQ Ribs with Brussel Sprouts

Tuesday- Steak, Mashed Potatoes and Green Beans

Wednesday- Baked Chicken Tenders with broccoli and sweet potatoes

Thursday – Meatball Stroganoff with Potatoes

Friday – Tex Mex Sweet Potato Hash

Saturday – Spaghetti Squash with Meatballs

Sunday – Sticky Asian Meatballs with Fried Cauliflower

Plus I do cook breakfast everyday! I didn’t use to love breakfast but then COVID. Yes, I said it. I blame my good breakfast habits on it. It might be silly but it is the honest truth. So now I am basically cooking breakfast, lunch and dinner (typically I just do leftovers for lunch for me).

The girls and I had to get out of the house SATURDAY we just couldn’t be trapped at home. We went to do some girly errands like shopping and exchanging items from stores then we accidentally ended up at one of our favorite restaurants (Joe T Garcia’s). Yes, it may seem like we eat there every weekend… I would say we eat there about 2 times a month at least this month it has been every weekend but that isn’t always how it works out. This weekend it happened because I missed an exit that I needed to take to get home and I kinda got lost and ended up being on the road that happens to take us to Joe T’s so I just went with it! Brandon was super sad because he was golfing… but look how happy the girls were!

After church each week we eat lunch with my husbands parents (my in-laws). My MIL decided she had to take a photo of us because she thought we looked cute. I guess we kind of did.

The last thing I will leave you with is this photo. We have almost lived in our new house for 3 years (in February it will be) this wall has been blank the entire time… until today. The night before I was on Pinterest (I couldn’t sleep) I ran across a photo that looked a lot like this one and thought “Yes, that is what I need”. Paisley and I ran out to the store Sunday afternoon and recreated our own version! I am hoping the mask that are hanging there don’t get to hang out there much longer.

Now that I have shared a little of my life it is time for me to get to work and finish shipping out the orders from the 10 year anniversary sale! If you hurry to the site now though you have a chance to get 20% off the site!!! Plus Free Shipping!

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