Friday Finds

It is Friday! The girls are being silly this morning just wait till the end of the blog and you will see their silly faces. Since they did silly faces this morning I thought maybe we should have a flash sale? The bottom of the blog gives you the details.

The week goes by so fast…. I already feel like it is time to start my grocery list again and start planning for next week. However, before I go do all that… I guess I must blog, do some computer work, go to work to pack boxes, get the kids from school, cook dinner, take Paisley to her Basketball game and then her Volleyball game…

No wonder the week goes fast that is a lot to do for just one day. I sure hope that I have time to make my grocery list! HAHA Thank God for online grocery shopping! Now I am wondering who of you out there do online grocery shopping? Let me know below!

Anyways I did get distracted just now but going on a rant about my day. Sorry! Here we go….


What is it that caught my eye this week?

Shop Velvets

These Velvet Bows always catch my eye. Ever since we decided to try out making a velvet style I was sold. I think you guys have been too because we have sold so many. We started off with about 18 colors and by popular demand we are up to I think 28 colors!!!! You can shop them here. They come in your “basic bow” and in “tuxedo” we also have wrapped headbands in several fun colors!

Next thing that caught my eye…

Shop this Leopard bow here!! Also you can change the knot color (cool right).

Of course… Leopard. Many of you already know this… but if not I’ll say it again. I LOVE ME SOME LEOPARD! Seriously, I do one of my favorite customers sent me a picture of some shoes she purchased that were leopard and she knew I would love them so she sent me the link too …. guess what I bought them and now we are like twins! We snap photos to each other wearing them!

Aren’t they cute! You may need them too… here is the link

Back to bows… if you are looking for a dressy item, a little fun, spunky, cute and girly… this Glitter Sheer bow might be for you! Below I have a Silver and Gold… great for the holiday season! Click here to shop the Glitter Sheer… we have a ton of color options!

The last thing that caught my eye this week was how you can take one bow and put it on our wrapped bands to make a headband (only works with alligator slide bows). Watch the slide show so you can see how to change it from one bow to band!

See it even caught Penley’s eye! She did this today – she wore a navy band and put the big coral polka dot with it! We love it this way at the house because: 1. You can wear the bow by itself 2. You can wear the band by itself 3. You can put the bow on the band 4. You can put the bow on either side of the band and face the bow to the front or to the back.

See Paisley even likes the band without the bow! She has on a satin one today! Shop those here.

Silly faces from silly girls calls for a flash sale I think! Plus a little something extra for BLOG READERS ONLY!!! Because I know you will love the wrapped headbands I want you to leave a comment at checkout what wrapped hard headband you would like me to send to you for free with your order you place during this flash sale (yes, this is only available to you while the flash sale is going). Yes, you must comment on your order if you need to know how to do that click here. Otherwise go enjoy the flash sale. Remember to upgrade you shipping if you want your bows faster as we are still swamped with orders!

Happy Friday, see you back on Monday for My Life Monday! Love Always, Casey!


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