Total Bowhead Thursday!

Coffee. Yes, I am just going to post my cup of coffee here and say sorry that my blog post didn’t got up at normal time like it typically does! A little extra sleep was needed today so I didn’t wake up at 5 am to write the blog. Today I slept until 620 got up and made the kids breakfast and Brandon took them off to school. So now I sit here with my coffee (whole30 edition coffee) and I am going to get The Total Bowhead Thursday going!

Last week on the Private Facebook Group I asked for family photos one day… If you submitted some checkout below to see if you are in the gallery. If you didn’t submit you should join my VIP Group so that you can easily send me photos!

I know! So many wonderful shots of families and siblings! I love how cute all my little customers are. Once again I want to say thank you to everyone who has supported One Stop Bow Shop along its 10 year journey. Your business means so much to me.

Now! For The Bowhead Of The Week!!!! I am featuring Miss Seattle! Seattle is a sweet special little girl who steals everyones heart. You can’t look at this little cutie and not smile. Seattles mom post to instagram several times a day and every time I get that notification my heart smiles. I linked her above so you can follow her fun, active life too – oh and her new puppy (so glad I don’t live closer to them because I might just have to borrow forever lol).

Here are some fun facts about Seattle!

She is a natural born story teller and she could sell ice to an eskimo. Seattle is an animal lover and currently wants to be a vet when she grows up! If she passes an animal out and about she has to stop and pet it!

She is a thrill seeking and will try anything from climbing a 20 foot wall to waterskiing. Seattle loves to travel and explore new places (she always has a suitcase packed). She has been in 26 states and 16 countries (her favorites are Hawaii and Sweden).

Seattles favorite food is sushi and she doesn’t like chocolate. Loves her some macaroons and fresh fruit. She is a thoughtful friend and will chat your ear off!

If you haven’t fallen in love with her yet there is something wrong with you!

Well. That wraps up another Thursday blog! If you want to get your kiddo(s) featured on the blog or on our social media area you need to be hashtagging and tagging @onestopbowshop #onestopbowshopkids

I hope you all have a wonderful Thursday! Now it is time to get to work on updating behind the scenes computer work! PS the website is 10% off today. Love Always, Casey.

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