Tuesday Talk

Hey hey its Tuesday! Yay and that means that I get to teach you something you might not have known yet… did you know that we have a search bar on the site? It is a pretty good one too.

I am going to show you how to search on desktop and also on mobile device. It is so easy.

You can use the search bar to look for things like:

Color, Print, and Style.

Or something like Red Grosgrain, Pineapples, School Bow, Christmas, Polka Dot… you name it you can search it. The only thing that the system can’t filter is size (sorry, I can’t make this happen – we offer too many styles and prints in all sorts of sizes).

The toolbar really comes in handy for sure when you need something specific like a…. unicorn bow! Watch this.

Start typing what you are looking for… it will automatically start auto populating your answer…. and keep watching because after you hit search…. look at second photo.

I know! It is so cool right!? I am going to show you same things with one more example… lets do Christmas!

Make sure you hit enter so it will pop up the pages of the product to view like this…

There was 3 pages of Christmas that popped up! I mean it is so cool how that search bar works.

Well that is what I wanted to show you for today on Tuesday Talk! I hope you go to One Stop Bow Shop now and try it out for yourself!

Have a wonderful day! Love Always, Casey.

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