My Life Monday

Morning, yay its Monday! Today is going to be a huge day.

Over the weekend the girls made their jack o lanterns! They were so excited to do this. Every year they do this with their daddy. Brandon is so sweet about it. The rule is that the girls have to get the guts out themselves.

Do you see Penley wearing baggies on her hand! Big lol. That girl doesn’t like her hands dirty… but about 15 minutes in she did take the bags off.

The Big Sale is over but I have good news… I have 8 winners for the 3 months of bow boxes for each winner! We will mail these straight to you!!

Fingers crossed your name is on the list!

  1. Emily Turnage
  2. Patricia Monteith
  3. Lauren Karg
  4. Megan Campbell
  5. Andrea Beverly
  6. Emily Chancey
  7. Cara DeLatin
  8. Tammy Hansen

Over the weekend we got to take this girl out to eat without Penley. Penley wanted to go spend the night with her Grandparents and Paisley wanted to go with us and some friends out to dinner!

Paisley and I are doing great on our Whole30! Today is day 16! I can’t believe it is already day 16. Last night as a “treat” to ourselves for being half way through we made breadsticks (Almond Flour). They were great. Don’t judge that they aren’t pretty… they tasted amazing.

Did you know when I am cooking I usually snap shot what we are having and ask what you are having too! I like to be social with you guys. I am so glad you like to be social with me too!

This happens on Instagram Stories but you can also see if on Facebook Stories.

This girl (Penley) is loving school and learning! I had to share a photo of her too. Today she is taking her teacher beautiful roses and a card to school because yesterday was her birthday.

Anyways I hope you guys have a wonderful Monday! Tonight I am using my slow cooker because we have Volleyball and Basketball. Hope you jump on IG tonight to see what I make!

I will see you back here tomorrow to learn something on Tuesday Talk!

Love Always, Casey

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