Total Bowhead Thursday

Total Bowhead Thursday is blowing up! I have so many photos for you to see. I can’t wait. Let’s get started…

Have you started using our fun hashtag? #onestopbowshopkids

Look at all these littles that submited their photos into us for the Name Challenge contest we did! Scroll through because they are adorable! Also showcasing so many other cute photos from clients this week!

I love helping customers pick out the perfect bow to wear! Yup if you send me an email or even a direct message I will help!!! YAY. That is one thing that customers love about One Stop Bow Shop (our willingness to help and give advice).

These next photos are just that. My sweet little customer sent me this photo of her options that she has of our hairbows… After talking with her for several minutes about each one and how she would wear her hair that day we made the perfect choice!

Didn’t these photos turn out great!? I know she is adorable.

Each week we like to showcase our Bowhead of The Week! This week it is a set of sisters!!! Meet Isabella and Ariella! These girls have been wearing my bows for years (obviously Isabella a lot longer than Ariella). These two girls are so lucky – I know for sure they have well over 400 of our hairbows. That is a lot of bows!

This photo is from 2019 – I told you it was a lot of bows… and to think they have more now!

Let me tell you some fun facts about these sisters!

Isabella- She’s very girly girl, creative, and talkative. Her favorite colors are teal and pink. Math is her favorite subject in school. She collects rocks, crystals and of course hair bows. Since she was age 2. She wants to be a doctor when she grows up. She’s a wonderful big sister. This November she will be 9. 

Ariella- she turned one in the beginning of October. She is laughing or smiling about 90% of the time. She loves to explore and is into everything. She loves to clap her hands when she hears music. She loves to hold her bunny “baby”and carry around with her. She loves playing with her big sister.

I have a few more photos of bowheads that were submitted this week… like I said we had soooo many people send photos in! I love that all I have to do is ask does anyone have photos and they come swarming in!

I know that was a lot of photos! Isn’t that fun though to see all our bowheads in action!? I know I love it too… that is the whole reason I do what I do…. I love seeing how happy it makes you and how happy your littles are when they wear One Stop Bow Shop!

If you haven’t checked out our 10 year sale now is the time. Going to cook some breakfast and then off to work! Love Always, Casey!

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