What You Missed Wednesday

Yay we are already half way through the week. This always sneaks up on me when the kids are out of school on a Monday. It messes with my week – does that happen to you? I am honestly not sure it feels like Wednesday but my calendar says it is!

That means. It is time for me to show you the past orders that have been shipped out since last Wednesday. There is a little of everything below which is great because well everything is on sale now on the site!

We just launched more Matilda Jane Prints! I know they have been a huge hit with our customers. So many of you love the MJ Clothing… but even if you don’t love the clothing these bows go great with so many other outfits! It is kind of crazy because we use to be a solid bow and go kind of family but this last year both my girls are in printed harbors 5 out of 7 days a week! Checkout the newest ones!

Plus these 2 ribbons were added just yesterday! I will have it to make bows starting Friday. I wanted to make sure you could order it during the sale though. Click here to grab it!

More orders that have shipped… wow, crazy how busy One Stop Bow Shop is right now.

Now let’s get back to what has shipped this last week up until yesterday… you didn’t think that was it did you? I have a few more for you. Next Wednesday will be a crazy amount of orders on the blog. The first 3 orders came in on Friday the rest were starting the sale… how do I know? Well in the first 100 orders placed they get that limited edition bowtie (the pumpkin one in photos below).

Now that you have seen some orders and have the knowledge of what is what… you are ready to go shop and there is NO BETTER TIME than right now! Look at that sale we are having. Everything is discounted and you don’t even need a coupon! WOW – plus if you spend over $50 you are automatically entered into our drawing… for 3 months of free bow boxes from 2019!!!! That is awesome because we will have 8 winners!


Get Set.


Love Always, Casey!

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