Tuesday Talk

Wow, I must say what a crazy Monday yesterday was. So many wonderful orders are coming to the site from the 10 year anniversary sale! It is amazing. You guys are amazing. I am so glad that the sale is something that is catching your eyes. The best part is it isn’t over yet. We have the sale going until the 17th! I know that is a long sale but I wanted to make sure everyone has time to grab something.

Everyone is so busy… so I guess I am saying you are welcome for making the sale so long! If you haven’t gone to the site you need to! Here is a link. I thought I posted this picture Monday on the blog but it must have slipped my mind. So I want to make sure I share it with you now!

I know it is a great sale!!! I wouldn’t wait if I were you. Shop Now. Other than that I am just going to reshow you how to do a few things so you remember!! The first one is important just in case you need to leave a comment at checkout.

Leaving a product review is good to know also! You know why right? After you leave 10 reviews you get a free bowholder and yes if you do 20 reviews you get 2 bowholders and so on and so on. It is our way of saying please leave a review and let others know how you like One Stop Bow Shop so that they can find what products you love and our way of giving back to you by saying thank you with a bowholder!

People love Google, especially One Stop Bow Shop customers – here is why… when you leave a GOOGLE REVIEW we send you a free bow (mystery bow) with your next order placed! That is a great reason to leave a review! Here is how to do it…

Well… I just wanted to make sure that you guys knew that! Just in case you didn’t already, I know sometimes I throw a lot of information your ways. Now it is time for you to head on over to the site and checkout the sale that is going on! SHOP NOW and SAVE BIG!

Love Always, Casey


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