My Life Monday

We have winners for all the CONTEST that we had going on last week! Thank you everyone who entered! We at One Stop Bow Shop enjoyed everyones efforts. I appreciate all of your support!

Here is a list and I will contact the winners via social media. Winners your money is already on your store credit!!! Happy Shopping.

Spread and Share Winners: Jennifer Burwell and Gina Mitchell – $50 each winner!

Name Challenge Winner is Finley! Good job Kaylee Florke – this is an adorable photo – $100 store credit!

We had so many amazing photos entered into the contest! I will show you them on Thursday on Total Bowhead Thursday!

Facebook Share Contest Winners: Priscilla Cooper, Hannah David and Laura Herron. $20 store credit each winner!

Tag comment and Heart Winners: Brittany Beck, Haley White, Lauren McCracken, Krystal Best and Nicola Hill. $10 store credit each winner!

Review on Facebook Contest Winners: Cami Vieke and Melissa Flores. $25 store credit each winner!

Yay! Those are the winners of the contests! Congrats friends.

There is still another HUGE contest you can be entered into!!! All you have to do is place an order over $50 during the sale. You will automatically be entered into the contest for 3 months of past bow boxes! Below are the photos of the boxes that we are giving away! Winners will be announced on October 19th!

The sale is underway… click here to go shopping! Remember the first 100 people get this free bow! Another important reminder is that our processing time will be a little slower than usual because we are going to be super busy filling orders! Orders will be processed within 5/10 business days. IF you need your order made faster you will need to upgrade your shipping to Priority or Rush My Order! Priority (process time 2/4 days + shipping time) and Rush My Order (1/2 days + shipping time). However, Standard Shipping is FREE during the SALE! YAY.

Now a little bit about me since it is technically My Life Monday – As you know Paisley and I have been doing Whole30 – well I was trying to find new things to make to help Paisley out along her little journey.. she has been having a little bit of cravings like wanted something sweet and wanted crunchy… well this was my attempt to help. I mean come on she is a kid we have to help the kids do Whole30 if they want. I know technically you aren’t supposed to do this because it feeds into the cravings you are having that you aren’t supposed to fill but like I said… she is a kid. We tried Brownies.

I will say – they didn’t taste like what I was hoping for… lol! Next time if I do this I am going to try my own recipe out instead of the one I found online. I will let you know if it taste yummy don’t worry! In my opinion there was just too much chocolate in this recipe. Other than that they were yummy.

Today will be our 9th day doing Whole30 already and I feel like I have finally figured out my coffee in the mornings. From everything I read online I couldn’t find anything that worked for me. I tried so many different cups (yes regardless if it was good I still drank it). Sunday it all changed for me… after trying 6 days of coconut milk in my coffee with other ingredients I decided I was going to go with Almond Milk instead… what is the worst thing that happens – I make a bad cup of coffee I drink anyways!? LOL.

Well let me tell you this I did 4 oz of Almond Milk, 8 oz Dark Roast Coffee, 2 tsp of Vanilla and a sprinkle of Cocoa. YUMMY. I just threw it in my blender to mix it all up!

Below are some of the snacks that we are going to try this week! I am kind of excited about the Almond Flour Tortilla… Yes, I know we aren’t supposed to technically have the tortilla (something about it tricks your mind and you aren’t changing your habbit) but I say it is all good, if we don’t give a little we could give it all up and that isn’t good either. I think it is okay to reward yourself with something that is within guidelines!

I did try those Banana Chips (they have sea salt on them)… OOOHHH MYYY even if you aren’t doing Whole30 you totally need those… so good.

Paisley had a game this weekend on Friday. It was great and she even scored a basket! So proud of her. She was supposed to play in another game the next day as well but we weren’t able to attend due to the pain she was in. Paisley was messing around on a tumbling mat over the weekend and fell off the wrong way and hit the couch and floor ( I am talking hard, breathless, not knowing how to breathe, scared her as well). She hurt her back (mid lower TL JOINT) So we tried to rest her back, ice, hot soak, stretch and get adjusted and rest of course as much as possible.

I really enjoyed seeing all of your photos this week of your kiddos spelling their names with their hairbows. I just wanted to share with y’all Paisley with her bows… I know I showed you Penley with hers in the beginning. I also just wanted to say Thank You one more time to all of my customers, friends and followers! You guys are the best. Now if you want to go shopping you sure can! I will see you back here tomorrow. Love Always, Casey.


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