Friday Finds Contest Edition

This week on Friday Finds we are going to simply talk about the upcoming sale and all the contest you can enter before the sale starts. Along with something super super special at end of blog…

Let’s Review all the Contest!!! Day by day, with helpful links for you!

Mondays Contest: Save The Date (link to post) This contest is so easy – totally worth doing to try to get $50 store credit.

Tuesdays Contest: The Name Challenge (link to post)

This contest takes a little more work… but pays off if you win and if not you have a super cute photo of your little with her hairbows.

Wednesdays Post: Share the Group (link to post)

This one is another easy contest. Just go to My Facebook Page to enter after reading the rules.

Thursdays Contest: Tag Comment Heart (link to post)

This is another super simple one to do… go to my Instagram or my Facebook Page (do both for double entry!) Links should take you right to the actual post so you don’t have to search for it.

Fridays Contest: Review Us on Facebook! (todays post)

This is another super easy one! Just leave a sweet review. Done. Review Now

Well, those are the contest for Day by Day Breakdown! Make sure you read the rules of each one. If you are uncertain on the rules click the link to the post that was made about them. If you still don’t get it – email me!

I want to see all these contest blow up like y’all are extremely excited about the upcoming 10 YEAR ANNIVERSAY SALE! I know I am excited.

Remember earlier I said I had another contest for you!? I do. I like it too. It involves BOW BOXES! Yes, we are giving away BOW BOXES. We will pick 8 winners. Each winner will get 3 months of 2019 Bow Boxes (we have original and bigger size to giveaway)! I know sounds great right. All you have to do to enter the contest is spend at least $50 on the site during our sale!!! Sale dates are October 12th – 17th. Any order over $50 will be put into a bucket and we will draw for the winner after the sale is over. Winners will be announced on October 19th! I will post winners on the blog and of course social media also. Would y’all want to have this be a live video – leave me a comment!

Want to see the Bow Boxes you could just win? You will have to wait until Monday! Today I will be taking photos (if you are a part of One Stop Bow Shop VIP you might just see early, like later today!) Hint Hint.. GO JOIN! I really think you will want to go checkout that page there is another sneak going there today that you might not want to miss out on…. its about the sale.

Sign up for emails too because I am sending out an email blast Saturday or Sunday to let you know exactly what will be on sale and percentages off! All the Details!!! If you don’t get our emails you will have to wait until Monday to know…. don’t be left in the dark until Monday.

The Matilda Pumpkin with Bowholders

I will say with this sale coming up we will have to extend our processing time. Take this into account when you select the shipping method at checkout. Our process time will be anywhere from 3/7 business days (open M-F) and then postal service standard shipping. If you need faster we do have Priority Shipping (process time will stay 2/4 days plus 1/3 days shipping) also we have Rush My Order Shipping (process time will stay 1/2 business days plus 1/3 days shipping). Standard shipping will be 3/7 days to process and 1/3 weeks from postal service (IT IS FREE SHIPPING THOUGH). If you are needing your bows by a certain date you should pay for priority or rush (in my opinion).

Anyways I just wanted to throw that out there! I know this is all a lot of information… I can’t wait for Monday! Love Always, Casey!

One comment

  1. Can’t wait to hear about the anniversary sales!! And yes, announce the winners in a live! Very excited for next week!!


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