Total Bowhead Thursday

Thursday is here…. not sure if you are ready for the weekend but mine kind of starts today. The kids are out of school on Friday so today is kind of my Friday! Today is also Total Bowhead Thursday and I thought it would be fun for you guys to get more social (OF COURSE WITH A CONTEST). I know you were thinking it too!

Here is what I want y’all to do it is easy too! Go to this post on my Instagram or on my Facebookmust do all to be entered! 5 people will get $10 to use on site! Winner announced Monday 12th.

  1. Click the Heart 2. Of course follow @onestopbowshop 3. Tag a friend who would love these bows in the comment area… tell her why you love One Stop Bow Shop too!

These contest have been fun! We have people already turning in their kiddos names spelled with their bows… that has been a fun one for sure. Scroll to the bottom to view a couple! Also enjoy these photos of a few bowheads!

Adorable photos with the names right!? You should totally enter the contest! It is easy to do read the rules on Tuesday Talk post! Good Luck! Yes, it is worth it you could win $100 for the site!

This week I am featuring Reese as my Bowhead of The Week – She just had her 8th birthday! Seriously, it was yesterday! Reese is a twin and I have been enjoying photos of her and her brother for years now. I think I have been watching these two grow up since they were 3 or 4 easily. I don’t think I have ever seen a more cute set of boy girl twins (yes, Reese is the older one). I mean look how cute they are.

Some fun fact about Reese are:

Reese has lost 5 teeth in 4 different places: at home, her best friends house, at Disney world and in the pool! Reese’s favorite color is pink. Reese’s favorite vacation is a Disney Cruise. Reese loves gymnastics. Reese has been a flower girl 5 times. Reese loves to read stories about pinkalicious and Amelia Bedelia. Here are just a few photos!!!

There you have it our bowhead of the week and a contest! What more are you wanting!?! Go… Start Entering ALL THE CONTEST! 1 more contest is tomorrow, make sure you come back to see what it is. Going to go make some breakfast and off to get my results of my MRI and then to work. Love Always, Casey.

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