What You Missed Wednesday

Just like that it is officially the middle of the work week. Wow – it is crazy how fast time goes by. I am not sure about you but as the year goes on the closer it gets to the holidays (I am talking: Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas) the faster the time seems to go. This year I am trying to enjoy all the time we have even if I want to get this year over with (you know with “everything” that is going on).

Here are the orders that came through recently! Plus we shipped out all of our October Bow Boxes (but since those all look alike I won’t post here). After you look watch for a deal on October Bow Box below!

That was fun to look at I know. It is always fun to see other customer orders! So many reasons why 1. Fun to see all the handmade hairbows 2. Great to make sure you are keeping up with the trends 3. A great way to see lots of sizes 4. Make sure you don’t need to go back and go shopping for something you didn’t see before!

Now lets get to that deal I said about the October Bow Box and well there is going to be a contest too… remember I told you each day of the week this week there would be one (IF YOU DIDN’T KNOW THAT MAKE SURE YOU GO BACK TO MONDAY AND TUESDAYS POST – YOU HAVE ALL WEEK AND WEEKEND TO ENTER THESE CONTEST).

Oh yah the deal. Right now – Sunday if you buy the October Bow Box (Just this month or make it a monthly bow) I will mail it out to you with PRIORITY SHIPPING (meaning I will mail your box by FRIDAY and as PRIORITY MAIL 1/3 day shipping). I want you to get these bows in time to wear them the rest of the month. Sure Black, Orange, Green and Purple bows are “Halloween” but yes you can wear all 4 of these colors year round.

Now with 3 great sizes of bow boxes there isn’t a reason not to give it a shot! Order a Box here. I know you are thinking it… if I order other items with this box will the entire order come Priority Mail? Yes, this time it will. Typically when you add your Bow Box to your cart with other items they will get mailed together… now if you are already a bow box member and you place an order close to the 1st of the month (those orders won’t ship together, we have a system once you sign up and it is more confusing if we ship together).


You didn’t think I forgot did you? Ok so we have had 2 contest already and they are going strong… I have been hearing people are pulling their bows and making their names out of them (if you don’t know what I am talking about you need to go to Tuesday Post) it is worth $100 store credit. Monday had a contest too… we need you to help spread the word. Click here to go view that contest (it is worth $50 and two winners).

Let’s talk about what I want y’all to do today for the contest! FACEBOOK. I know. Some love it. Some hate it. Honestly, some just are like whatever about it and some are like YES GIVE ME ALL THE GROUPS…. Well wherever you fit in above I have a contest for you on Facebook.

Go to our page See the post at top that I pinned up there for you… looks like this… Share this post and tell your friends with girl moms to come follow and join the group…. This next part is important – when they join the group this week there will be an opt in coupon for the site!

I will pick 3 winners all who will get $20 to spend on the site. Winners announced Monday October 12th. Start now and enter contest by Sunday Night.

Okay, go click around all the places! I will see you on Social Media today (I am showing off new orders that are shipping out today). OH BEFORE YOU GO did you see the new photos I took that are on the site now of the Velvet Tuxedo and Velvet Basics? Totally worth working at home yesterday to get them online. As you shop and change the color on drop down of what you want the color on screen changes too! Go have a look. Link is for both styles. Pick one out you like then try it out by changing the color you want to see. Yay and you are welcome!

See ya, Love Always, Casey.

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