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The closer we get to our Anniversary the more excited I get! We are going to have a big sale but I need your help spreading the word to friends and family.

With that being said here is my first contest… Save an image below and post it on your stories or on your wall (MAKE SURE YOU TAG US @ONESTOPBOWSHOP #onestopbowshop ). In order to be in contest you must tag us or I will not see that you posted it and it will result in you not being in the contest drawing. Remember to tell everyone why you love One Stop Bow Shop. Just by posting the SAVE THE DATE during the days of October 5th – 11th you will be entered into a drawing for $50 to use on the site (yes, you can use on our sale). I will have 2 lucky winners for this contest!

Pick ANY of these photos to repost. I will announce my two winners in my stories on Monday October 12th.

Now that we have the contest out of the way I want to make sure I give you an update on my weekend… some of you will say I am CRAZY and some of you will SUPPORT ME. I feel like I have to tell you all though because we are friends. I have mentally been preparing for this for a week…

I started Whole30. October 4th (Sunday/Yesterday) was Day1.

Why? I know many of you will ask me this so I am just going to tell you now so you don’t have to email me! LOL. I am doing this challenge because 1. Not only is it a challenge 2. I need it

When I say I need it. I mean I NEED IT. My body has had unexplained pain for a long while now (like two years… ya I know I don’t talk about it, I don’t like to complain too much or well… I try not too). Things ache that shouldn’t at my age (back, hips, neck, shoulders, knees, feet – you name it and it hurts). Yes, I do yoga, stretch, workout. I have tried everything… or so I thought.

A few weeks back my friend wanted me to start this with her… I said NO THANKS (what am I crazy?) I said I would support her though, and I did! I’ve been watching her go through the process and she also has unexplained issues with inflammation (she got to day 20 and walked up to me again and said I honestly think after your MRI on your hip you should come talk to me about Whole30- yes I just had an MRI on my hip, results this week). She planted a seed in my brain and after watching her and seeing her results (mentally and physically) I thought shoot it is only 30 days. You can do anything for 30 days. Or longer if it is helping!

I know this will be tough. Paisley (my oldest is going to do it with me- her idea). This is going to test her to the limits for sure. Stop right there before you judge me and say she is just a kid. Yes, I agree. If she doesn’t want to do it the entire time I will not make her. I will support her though and I will make sure she doesn’t give in just because of one weak moment. I will encourage her that sometimes in life things are hard but there is so much in life that is harder than this. For Paisley I want her to not only do it as a challenge but because yes she needs it too.

Paisleys last popcorn for a while. Cousin Brynne and Penley!

I know for a fact that Wheat does bother her amongst other things like soy any anything blue. Paisley was Gluten Free for over 9 months when we were trying to figure out why she had all the symptoms of Celiac but tested negative (turns out it was part of her double vision). She struggles with anxiety (like many kids do). I think this cleanse will be the perfect things for Paisley and I to figure out what is bothering our bodies. We will introduce the foods we aren’t allowed to eat back into our diet slowly after we complete the challenge. Just like you would a baby when they are learning to eat solid foods for the first time (to make sure they aren’t allergic) that is how we will reintroduce the foods (trial and error). We both started a journal to keep up with our 30 days and in it we are writing what we liked about the day, what we didn’t like, how our bodies are feeling and what food we want to have first when this is over!

I am sure I will be sharing way more about my journey with you.

This cutting board came at the perfect time! A customer who has been ordering with me for years sent it my way! She also sold me my bowholders I showed y’all a couple weeks ago! Her name is Jan and she does so many wonderful items you should check her out! Everything she does is handcrafted! I am proud to call her my friend.

No way Penley is doing Whole30! This girl can’t live without CHEESE.

Over the weekend we went to Canton Texas. For those of you who live in Texas you know Canton (you eat your way through Canton- we did lots and lots of eating). It is a huge place to go shopping 1 weekend out of the month. It is amazing you should do it at least once a year (if you live in Texas). I have family that goes a lot more than that but I just need the once a year fix. Paisley and Penley got tons of clothing to fit their American Girl Dolls… at this place called She’s a Doll. I wish she sold online but she said she doesn’t have the time to sell online. I totally get that after looking at all the clothing she makes. It was amazing. I wish I would have taken photos… this is the only one I got.

I think I will have Paisley dress her dolls in the outfits and show you soon… she got a couple really cute ones. Well, that was my weekend…. hope you enjoyed! See you back here tomorrow for Tuesday Talk (plus another contest). Love Always, Casey


  1. I practice the whole 30 every winter right after Christmas. It helps my body soooo much. I get so frustrated that I don’t practice it longer or more times a year because I eventually start eating everything (I lovvvve me some cheese too). Honestly I feel so much much better. I have energy. I’m not dragging around. I have NO stomach issues while on the Whole 30. You will LOVE it. I will be praying if for you. dm


  2. Great blog today Casey! I did whole 30 last year and YES I did feel so much better. Maybe should try it again?? Hum. Love the contest ❤️


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