Friday Finds

Yay! We made it. Friday… I love Friday. Fridays are the best. I love the idea of its like the weekend but not yet… you have the whole day to make it your best before the weekend comes. Then you can relax! Or go into sport game mode or whatever mode you want.

It’s been a weird week for me ( I am sure you have these weeks too). My week started off by Paisley (my oldest) not feeling well so she stayed home from school… I still had to go coach her volleyball team in practice that night (when I said HAD I mean of course I love it – my volleyball players are like my kiddos). Honestly though, Paisley not going on Monday lead to me having a weird week (I wasn’t prepared for it). My Tuesday felt like Thursday (don’t ask me why, no clue) and honestly Thursday felt like Friday… maybe I should call the staff and tell them I am done for the week! (lol of course I am joking). I love what I do and of course I am going into the office… but before I do that let me show you my Friday Finds… You are going to LOVE THEM!

Better to organize now than wait until 2021… honestly get moving… do it now! Before the holidays. Checkout how my new Bowholder Clips can help you organize your bows (hang them in the closet out of the way). Also new the Headband Rings (I love these.. why didn’t I think of this earlier for y’all?)! These are great for you to clip all of you headbands to the ring and stay organized (stop loosing them). Stay Organized! The time is NOW. View photo ideas below.

Matilda Jane Matches are officially here! We have our Big Bundle up for you – click here to view and purchase it! Below are photos of the October Clothing and the coordinating colors that go with it. Don’t feel like you have to buy the bundle either if you like just a few colors that is totally fine shop those here. Did you just think ohhh I like that outfit (I don’t have a trunk keeper)… that. is okay here is my Trunk Keeper and here is where you can shop that clothing right now.

Yes… to answer the question in your head… We will have matching prints! We are releasing those on October 7th~ so save that date for 3 awesome prints that will coordinate perfectly! They will be in office ready to ship on that date!

Matilda Jane Matches

Speaking of SAVE THE DATE… Remember our Anniversary Sale is about to come too (if you can’t wait its okay we have free shipping right now)! October 12th it will start…. BUT BEFORE it starts we are going to have several ways to enter fun contest (because I want this to be a big event). I want you to help me spread the word about my company (I know you will because you love One Stop Bow Shop) that has almost been around for 10 years! It is a big one!!! I can’t wait to celebrate with you. I hope you come back to the blog on Monday to see how you can help spread the word and also enter in to multiple contest too!!! Learn more Monday on the blog!!!

Make sure you are following us everywhere.

I do have a special for you though since you are awesome! Type in promo code: glitz at checkout and get 30% off my glitter grosgrain style! Right Now. Until Sunday October 4th. View Glitter Grosgrain styles here. I am not sure I have mentioned this lately but I am still offering FREE SHIPPING. That on its on is a Friday Find.

I hope you have a wonderful Friday! Going to the kitchen now to prep some breakfast and I guess lunch too! Love Always, Casey!

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