Total Bowhead Thursday

Thursday! I hope you are better than my Wednesday… Wednesday was tough for me. Work related things didn’t go my way. However my customers were soooo nice to me about it. I guess there is always something to being honest. People really like that and you know what I am human! Apparently. LOL. So glad for a new work day! Today will be better. No errors… well less errors (HAHA). Guess what it is also October 1st! YAY.

Let’s get to it. Look at all these bowheads I found. A lot of them came from my Private Facebook Group if you haven’t joined you totally need to (click here).

I love seeing your littles in action wearing our hairbows! It is so much fun for me and also my staff to see the bows that we worked so hard on out in real life! Thank you for sharing your photos by tagging us on social media @onestopbowshop and #onestopbowshop

Spreading the Love of One Stop Bow Shop is how I have almost been in business for 10 years now. Customers who have told a friend who have told a friend… THANKS

My Bowhead Of The Week:

My Bowhead of the week is Named Harlow! How adorable is she!? So adorable. She is always wearing the cutest Matilda Jane Clothing (her mama is a trunk keeper). Her mama has been ordering hairbows with One Stop Bow Shop for years now. I get the sweetest photos and videos of her opening her boxes! Just an adorable sweet girl…. some fun facts about Harlow 1. Total Girly Girl 2. Loves doing cart wheels everywhere she goes 3. Favorite color could just be glitter!

I know that Harlow loves her mama being a TK she loves to help show off the clothing for sure. If you haven’t ever heard of Matilda Jane (let me introduce you into it)…. click here to follow Erin on her Private Facebook Group (Erin is Harlow’s Mom – she is a great TK and I promise you will mesh with her).

Speaking of Trunk Keepers and Matilda Jane… I want you all to see the colors for the Matilda Jane (October Release). We have some beautiful shades here!!!

Colors Include: Roseberry, Mauveulouse, Coral Rose, Watermelon, Coral, Light Coral, Mermaid Green, Aqua, Oceanwater, Peacock, Mustard, Banana and Lace White!

These will be listed really really really soon as a Big Bundle Set! Since I forgot my computer at work that is all I have for y’all right now (totally working off my phone until I can get into the office) but I am set on this day will be better than yesterday! If you want your little girl to be featured AKA (My Bowhead of The Week) make sure you submit photos and show the love you have for One Stop Bow Shop… I am looking for more Bowheads of the week to show off!!

I hope you all have a very happy Thursday! Love Always, Casey!

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