What You Missed Wednesday

Here we go again! It is what you missed from this past week! Here are the orders that One Stop Bow Shop shipped out. It is a lot. I think you all are enjoying that Free Shipping for sure.

Below I am going to post the orders… I will also put a few words on each photo to help you find those products on the website. It is easy to use our search bar button. Step 1 you have to be on the website click here to go – Step 2 open the navigator menu (if on phone) Step 3 type what you are looking for!

Wow, That is a lot of orders and a lot more typing then I thought it would be! I hope you enjoyed that. Did you know I post a lot of these orders to Instagram and Facebook Stories also. I know I know I tell y’all each week but it is a good reminder that you can go back and look at the stories in my highlights. I will eventually have to delete them because it is an insane amount of highlight buttons that say orders. Some are photos and some are videos so if you like to hear my voice occasionally then head over there later today because I will be posting new ones of what is shipping today! Click here to go to Instagram profile.

Each week (on Wednesdays) I like to show you a little of what I have been working on for the website…. well there has been a lot of working on the website lately but here is one I am super excited for… The Wide Nylons are getting photos like this on the drop down list! Yes, the Wide Nylon Interchangeable was already like this but for some reason I overlooked doing it with the bow… so this are going up soon. Also I would like to mention that I will have about 10 new colors to add to this collection soon. I know mama I am just as excited as you.

This announcement that is coming next I am soooo thrilled about. I have been looking for ways to organize your bows. Side note: we use to have a hanger clip for the closet and it got discontinued with the company we ordered from. I was so sad… but with enough searching in my downtime I finally… finally found a company that could help us out. Come later this week or maybe even today I have the time these will be listed!

Yes, you see that right. ALL OF IT. That is a New Closet Hanger and a way to organize your headbands! I can’t wait to show you more photos of these and how to use them. Oh yah you noticed that other part too didn’t you… that new bowholder style! Yes, even that is coming to the site also for you to be able to customize to your own daughters room colors.

Make sure if you haven’t already you go buy your September Bow Box. Today is the very last day to order it. It has been a huge hit (especially because the corduroy bow in it).

Well for today that is what you have missed! Remember to come back tomorrow to see all the Bowheads! Tomorrow on the blog is TBT (Total Bowhead Thursday).

If you want to submit photos for me to use please feel free to email me at Casey@onestopbowshop.com

Have a wonderful Wednesday! Love Always, Casey

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