Tuesday Talk

It is time to learn something BIG actually 2 SOMETHINGS BIG! I get these two questions a lot. 1. How do I leave a Google Review? 2. How do I leave a comment at checkout for you? Both of these are important questions… quickly let me tell you why if you don’t already know. I send you a FREE SURPRISE BOW on your next order placed after leaving a 5 Star Google Review (yes this is totally different from the product reviews that you learned last Tuesday).

Remember, I like free and so should you! The second question is important because you need to know how to leave a comment because I ASK YOU TO DO IT a lot (in order to give you something specific FREE). If you have been paying attention to what you are reading from the blog the last 2 weeks you know exactly what I am talking about!

So it is all SO Simple! I am going to show you and tell you. That way if you are like me and visual you totally understand. If you can read something and get it… well that’s cool too (totally not how I learn and I am envious of you).

Let’s start with how to leave a Google Review (from Google.com) Photo below the instructions! 1. Go to Google.com – Type in One Stop Bow Shop 2. Click the Review TAB 3. If you aren’t already signed into your Google Account or you don’t already have one (sign in or set it up) 4. Write your 5 Star Review and click POST.


But what if you were coming from my Instagram Page or My Linktree somewhere? Oh girls I got you covered! Here is what that looks like. The only difference is you start at Linktree and it takes you directly to our Google Review area (I like this better because you didn’t have to go to Google.com to search for One Stop Bow Shop) Click here to go ahead and leave your review now!

Now… the other part of this Tuesday Talk (my teaching day of the week for those of you who are new to the blog) I want to show you just how simple it is to leave a comment at checkout.

Let me break it down then you can look at the picture! 1. Add awesome items to your cart and hit proceed to checkout. 2. This will take you to sign in (if you haven’t done it before you started shopping) You need to hit that tiny blue area that says sign in now (if you have an account set up) If you don’t have an account yet you can make one later or you can just continue as a guest (side note: you want to have an account so you can leave product reviews later so that you can get free bowholders). 3. This will take you to shipping area… yes you want to continue on… 4. Pick your shipping method preference and right under that you will see the COMMENT BOX! That is where you type your message. Then hit continue!


I know learning something new can be fun but confusing so honestly if you get stuck along the way… message me or call the office (that is why we have that phone!!!)

Well – what do you say we put that comment box to use today? Blog readers only today and tomorrow get a free surprise bow! HERE IS WHAT YOU HAVE TO DO

I WILL REPEAT… HERE IS WHAT YOU HAVE TO DO... Place an order over at OneStopBowShop.com but before you do… type in the comment box: I learned how to leave a comment and would like a free surprise bow! You have until September 30th at midnight to redeem this offer. There will be more offers down the road. Don’t you worry if you aren’t ready to test out that comment box just yet.

Well… now I know I need another cup of coffee. I am sure you do also!!! My coffee is the first thing I get each morning when I wake up. What is your first thing? I would love to hear!

Have a happy Tuesday! Love Always, Casey!

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