My Life Monday

Over the weekend Paisley had not just a Volleyball game but a Basketball game… Yes, I am talking at the very same time. Luckily we won the Volleyball game pretty quick so she did get to play a little of the Basketball game. She ran straight over from one court to the other. She got to play in the 3rd and 4th quarter…

Here is just a little bit of what you get for the basketball game… Paisley got fouled so she got to do 2 shots from the free throw line. Spoiler alert: she didn’t make the basket but she really tried hard!

Watching Paisley play basketball is so much fun. She ALWAYS has a SMILE on. Especially if she gets the ball. On a breakaway she is the cutest ever, I will try to capture that soon!

Another thing we like to do on the weekends is hang out by our pool. The girls like to have dance offs. They make me pick a winner after each song. Yes, they get their feelings hurt I don’t pick them. Here is a tiny clip of their dance moves!

Over the weekend I spent my downtime working on cleaning up orders that needed to be linked to accounts. You may have gotten an email! Basically I am just reminding you sign in so you can do product reviews. So I can give you free bowholders! You help me and I give to you. It is a win win for both of us.

This is how Harper sits every morning while I am working at 5am. My emotional support dog needs my attention ALL THE TIME.

Yes, I know – Harper got a haircut (yes, that is Harper). My sweet fluffy Goldendoodle got too matted up by her ears and head (and even tail). We had to cut her. Please don’t judge her right now she is usually much much much more cute. She is also self conscious about it too so keep those comments to yourself (I don’t want to have to tell her what you said).

Obviously this photo was taken a while back!!!! It leads me into… last week I told y’all the closer we got to my official 10 years in business I would tell y’all a little about it all….

I will try to sum up the last almost 10 years quickly. I started a hairbow company back in 2010 while being pregnant… I never claimed to be smart– just hard working… during this crazy time I also managed a retail business for my mother – shes is the one who taught me to work so hard. I managed her store and also ran my company for almost 2 of these years almost 10 years.

Once my oldest Paisley (now 9 years old) came around I decided quickly I couldn’t do it all I wasn’t Wonder Women, but yes I did try to do it all. Running a store and running my company were hard (not to mention I now had a baby) and one would suffer if I continued to do it. It wouldn’t be fair to my mother and I wasn’t willing to give up on my dream. I do have to say Thank You right now to my husband who has always been supportive of One Stop Bow Shop (he even came up with my business name).

My hairbow company started small and only did wholesale (selling to companies that would resell in their stores). I pretty much only sold wholesale for the first 6 years of my business. I spent almost 5 years inside The Dallas World Trade Center (with my very own showroom)… I mean just look how pretty it was…. I am one heck of a merchandiser!

I liked to take the girls up to the showroom every now in then so they could see what mommy does and how it is fun to be apart of something bigger in life.

Look at little Penley just chilling in her carseat! She was a great baby. Paisley has always wanted to help do everything!

About year 5 (now I had two kids!) I toyed with the idea of retail (I dreamt of what could it be like, what would it look like, how could it work, how do I make it successful, how to get there since I was so deep into wholesale and so much more). I did several pop up shows…

Pop Up Shows were a lot of work! If you do pop up shows – way to go! This was not my calling.

I even got inside this cool placed in Arlington Texas at the time called The Brownstone (collection of gift shops) Unfortunately that business shut down but I popped right on over into Gracie Lane Collections (another collection of shops in Arlington Texas- which I am still located in)

Here is what Gracie Lane use to look like years and years ago!

Retail was starting to become more popular online as well… During this time it is important to know I was not pushing retail sales. I had a website of course and whatever came in we would do (I like to call this time my learning experience on how to have a good website – for those of you who shopped that long ago you remember what photos use to look like). I have to say LOL I have come a long way….

I took a step back that 7th year and SAID ohhh my goodness – wholesale isn’t working (I freaked out a little)…. but what is working… RETAIL ONLINE… so I decided to switch things up in 2017 and strictly go retail (that’s y’all guys by the way)…. I did this because I REALLY wanted to KNOW MY CUSTOMERS… the individuals… my people wearing the bows – as it was awesome to sell to all the wholesale businesses I never felt like I knew the people wearing my hairbows. I do still serve my wholesale clients and I love the ones who have stuck with me. But you guys are why I do what I do each and everyday. I pour my heart into my company (soooo many hours… not just at the office but at home too). I do this because I know this… right here is where God wants me and I know we are doing great things over at One Stop Bow Shop. I feel my company touching y’alls life, I feel the love you have for my company and I enjoy seeing your kiddos smiling with my products on them!

I now have a second location inside The Painted Tree (in my hometown Mansfield Texas)

I love this photo of One Stop Bow Shop!

This sums it up (yes, this was the super short version- I could honestly go into so much more detail). It’s funny what God will do in your life with one small step of Faith. I can’t wait to see what he has planned for all of us in the near future! Click Here to follow me everywhere!

Love Always, Casey!

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