Total Bowhead Thursday

Happy Thursday! I have to tell y’all something… and show you… This all happened a couple weeks ago but I held off saying anything. I was trying to pick the perfect time. Well guess what!!? Yup, the time is perfect because today is Total Bowhead Thursday.

I will try to make the story short..ish… I went over to one of my shop locations to restock product ( Gracie Lane – located in Arlington, Texas) I walked in and the front staff member said hey, you have a letter here. In my head I am thinking – trash! I don’t get mail sent to my locations… it all goes to the warehouse. The young lady handed me the card addressed to One Stop Bow Shop in the sweetest handwriting ever.

I was in shock. Literal Shock. So I decided I could’t wait to open it. I stood in front of that young girl at Gracie Lane and opened it. As I read through this letter my eyes watered and I will just say this letter made my day, my month… shoot maybe even my year!

If you want to read the letter there is a slide show below. I have had cards mailed to me before of your families at Christmas but NEVER EVER a hand written card from a customers daughter. I mean that is awesome! I feel I am exactly where God has called me to be. Serving you.

Here are some sweet photos of the very sweet girl who wrote to me!

Later I spoke with Mary Elizabeths mom (Georgette) and told her I wanted to do this post and that I would write back of course. I did that yesterday at the office. It was a special moment for me. I hope when she gets her package and letter in the mail it is as special for her as it was for me to get that letter. I told Paisley she will have a new pen pal… and well Penley can just doodle a picture until she can learn to write complete sentences! LOL.

Now checkout these other bowheads living their best lives!

How cute are they!? I know so cute. I love seeing y’all post photos on your wall, in your stories, on my private Facebook Group… It is so much fun! Hopefully you have a wonderful Thursday and remember that the Coco Loco bow is still free for blog readers (go back to yesterdays post to read about it). Want to follow me everywhere? Click my link here! It will take you to all things Bow Shop!

Love Always, Casey!

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