What Your Missed Wednesday

Wednesday is here again and that means I get to show you the orders that have come in from last Tuesday through this Tuesday! There are over 60 orders here and guess what we aren’t caught up…(we are processing still at the same speed as always 1/5 business days to ship- for standard orders) – well actually there are just a few orders showing up below… I am so sad. I uploaded them and the file wouldn’t take. Dang, that is frustrating! Sorry in advance to that issue.

Today and Thursday we have a ton of orders shipping out though… Rosa has been cutting away at the office the last two days trying to play catch up from the weekend of orders. Yes, if you didn’t already know every order is made to order at One Stop Bow Shop. If you want to see the orders before next week on the blog then it would be a great time to checkout the Instagram and Facebook Stories! You will want to keep looking at photos of course I felt like its a great day to give you something when you place an order online but keep scrolling first! If you want to see the orders that did come in last week (not showing here) head to the highlights on IG.

This order above was so cute… I had to show you what I would do with it (slide the photos to see). First off she placed an order for the Leopard Bow and changed the knot color out to match the Sister Mega Bow that she got FREE. Why did she get it free? Well if you pay attention to our Instagram post then you will see contest often for free products! Here is a link to follow us everywhere that is important. Did you see that? I stacked the bows together so easily too. This is a great way to customize your outfits with the bows you have or bows you decide to order!

I can’t wait for you to show me photos by tagging us on social or even sending them over. I hope you do and I hope you get to see your little ones back here on Thursdays blog for Total Bowhead Thursday!

I know I told you something free right? Yes, let me tell you about that now. I’ve had enough coffee in my system that I won’t forget! Todays bow I want to give to you for free is the Coco Loco Pumpkin from our site! This bow I can offer you in 3 sizes: Xlarge, Jumbo or Xlarge Jumbo. You get to pick it. All you have to do to get this bow is place an order online by Thursday September 24th and comment “COCO LOCO PUMPKIN and whatever size you want” This is strickly a blog reader only deal! Don’t you feel special!? I sure hope so since we are great friends now! I really feel blessed and let me just tell you why really quick. So many of you after you read the blog you direct message me on social – just to tell me you did it, or to encourage me or to say me too.

It is so nice to be building this community in all the ways we have been lately. I just wanted to let you all know I see you! With that being said I need to make sure I help my staff get your orders out! Before I go though… A lot of you ask this question – what do you do at the office do you make all the bows? No. I use to and thankfully I have a wonderful staff that can do that now so I can wear my other hats! My main hat at the office right now is to take photos and to do the boxing and shipping! I took over that when the virus hit so hard (well actually I did it all for several months by myself – but now we are back on track with a staff again). Hopefully you all have been enjoying that new tissue paper I throw in the box and the little sample ribbon we have been sending… oh and if you didn’t see all the flyers… notice them when you order. I say this because 2 of them talk about HOW TO GET FREE PRODUCT! That is important.

Another thing that is important right now is breakfast. My tummy just growled and said it is time to eat. So before I go get hangry… I should go make some eggs and bacon.

I hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday! Love Always, Casey.

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