Tuesday Talk

It is here again – more coffee.. lol I am just kidding – Tuesday. I wanted to give you guys an update before we move on. The product reviews are looking great and a ton of people are able to get on the site and login and start reviewing.

I have been putting in a ton of extra computer hours in… trying to link everyones orders together. Some of you may already haven gotten an email and well if you haven’t I am still working on yours. I am doing this because I want you all to be able to leave reviews so you can earn those free bowholders! Remember I love free and giving back. For every 10 reviews you leave you get a freebowholder!

There are a ton to do… if you are one that you are thinking I’ve purchased way more than what my account says then please email me because that means you have checked out as a guest. When you do this the system does not put your order in your account area which means you can’t review it. I have a way of linking everything together though so don’t you worry! Want your account fixed now rather than waiting around to hear from me (just email theonestopbowshop@gmail.com ) Want to sign into your account and check it out?

Lately I feel like there are sooo many hats that I have to wear. Maybe I am letting myself get overwhelmed but I am trying note to… once again just want to always be honest with you guys. I do want y’all do see what I have been doing that is coming to the site soon.

Yay! It is more pretty headband photos (customers have been loving the new product photos). I have been getting amazing feedback that you like when you pull up a style and change the color and the product changes to that color! Here are some examples of what it will look like when you pick a color.. this style is the Nylon with Bow (great for babies and makes the perfect gift too).

Since today is Tuesday Talk I also like to TEACH you something. Well today I want to show you about this new style that our sweet bowhead friend is wearing! This is what One Stop Bow Shop calls an OVERLAY (because the ribbon on top lays on top of the wider ribbon… I couldn’t think of anything more clever). This bow style is a special one because you get to customize it! Yes, it takes a little effort on your end (that’s just because we have soooo many prints to pick from). It is easy to do. Here are the steps.

Step 1 – search the site (trendy prints and limited stock ) and find any print you want that is offered in a Large Size (this is so important- this is the print in the middle you are seeing on all 3 sizes!) Keep in mind not all of our prints come in Large so please double check or I might have to call and disappoint you.

Step 2 – head to Customize Your Bow area on site or click this link pick the back color of the bow (we have 98 colors or grosgrain to pick from). The back color is made with 2 1/4 inch ribbon so that is why this bow is appearing bigger! All three sizes use the 2 1/4 ribbon. Start designing now!

I have some exciting news coming soon… I think it will be Friday when I actually tell and show you all… it is kind of FABULOUS so I think it might need to wait for Friday Finds!

Tomorrow we will chat about What You Missed Wednesday, Thursday is Totally Bowhead Thursday and well then on Friday you get that exciting news… So keep coming back each day for more and more awesome One Stop Bow Shop news and fun and maybe even more free stuff along the way!

1 last thing… speaking of free… place an order today (Tuesday September 22nd and get this bow below free when you comment at checkout “September 22 bow please”) Great time to place any size order too because I have Free Shipping on the site for you!

This bow was in our August Bow Box… we have a few Large available and we can make this bow in Xlarge, Jumbo or Xlarge Jumbo – if you want a specific size let us know as well (if you don’t comment on size we will just do what we think based off your order). Now that is it I am done! You go shop and I am going to make breakfast! Love Always, Casey.


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