My Life Monday

Monday! It is here. Coffee is needed. Every Monday is a big day for me (personally with the family) and for the Bow Shop (catching up on orders from the weekend) today I got up extra early so that I can get as much done as I can! Before I do anything else work related today it is time for My Life Monday.

Here is a little of what we did this weekend… Paisley had two games. Volleyball and Basketball… we are going to be really busy this fall and then soon Penley will start sports and I don’t know what we are going to do – more crockpot meals will be cooked for sure!

Lately both of my girls have started popping that leg up for photos! I think its super cute.

Paisley hasn’t played basketball since 1st grade (she is in 4th now). I can’t believe that we waited this long for her to play again. She did great and even scored a basket!

Sundays I love getting photos of these little ones at church! I mean look at them all dressed up in matching dresses from Target! I know you are thinking how cute and where are those socks from? AMAZON… lately I have been doing a lot of Amazon clothing shopping. I have gotten some really cute dresses for myself too! Maybe I will have to show those to you also.

I have been getting some questions lately on how do you organize your girls bows… well we have several ways we do it. I will show you a couple here and then I will do a much better longer post or several post later on ideas for you! Slide the photos to see Penley’s Velvet and Corduroy bows.

I love these bowholders that I have… I had them custom designed for the girls forever ago and made friends with this sweet lady that sells them! Now I want to send you to her because the quality you get is amazing! Click to go to her site and here for her instagram! Above are just 2 of the 4 I have. I also have them up at my shop in Mansfield at The Painted Tree see them on the sides on the walls (below photo) – yes I love them! She also made those cute signs for me on the right side (on floor).

Another way you can organize your bows is with our bowholder strips and a over the door hanger… this one came from At Home… I love it because it is gold and goes great in Penley’s room. Typically it is organized a little better and the bows are all by color (like I said I will do a better post later).

Above is a size Large and it is one of the best sellers I love this size a lot for all ages – and all types of hairstyles. I love this size I recommend it for everyone starting out or just trying One Stop Bow Shop out. It is a great starter bow. It is perfect!

These next bows are Paisley’s bows (mega bows on top and Large bows on bottom)… I’m going to be honest with you all because I am not going to be one of those people who isn’t.. If you know me in person or strictly from the internet – either way you know me I want to be the same person you think you know- that is always my goal. I am not going to change who I am either way – take me or leave me, either way, I promise I will be okay!

With that being said here is my honesty. Paisley (my 9 year old) doesn’t always wear a bow. There was a GOOD LONG WHILE that I thought she was out of bows. I mean it was like almost 9 months… I was thinking great I am going to have to have another baby just to have kids in bows (lol and no we are done having kids, just so you know- I was just trying to be funny). Basically what I am saying is if your daughter decides not to wear bows don’t freak out… simply wait a few months (she is a girl – she will change her mind, we all do).

Paisley basically went from NOT WEARING A BOW at all (scrunchies only) to… I want all the bows mom… she took over 100 from my office in one day. In my head I was thinking… great she is taking my product that she literally isn’t going to wear. But guys she is wearing all the bows… she wants BIG ones, she wants SMALL ones.. she wants them all. I am so excited. If you check my Instagram you will see my girls each morning as they go off to school…I just started posting them each morning because well we are back in real school and getting dressed each day (big haha on that). Instagram and Facebook Page are a fun way to see my girls each morning and to see the hairbows on.

If you are curious what I cook each week… well click here because this is what I am making this week! We already did the Filet and the Spicy Ramen (this weekend) oh and guys you have to try those out. They are soooo good… I am totally moving them to the “Worth a cook” board.

I love to cook so if you have any recipes you want to send over to me …. please do I will totally try it! Cooking and Baking are like a stress reliever around my house. Speaking of… I guess it is breakfast time at our house and I should go make some bacon and eggs now for my little family! Have a wonderful Monday! Love Always, Casey!

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