Friday Finds

Exciting news friends! Not only is my blog post up – there is also a couple wonderful deals in here today for my sweet readers… just keep on reading and you will get there… plus I promise, there is some exciting news today! I am going to start it off right by showing you the NEW Matilda Jane Matches! Link below to shop them. If you click now though you will miss the whole point of reading Fabulous Finds Friday… keep reading then come back and click šŸ™‚

So here are the links to shop those wonderful bows… oh my goodness I just have to say after my staff made these I said “Well guys you are going to have to make another set to keep at work. These are going home with me.” Blue Eye Girl Bands Matilda Blue Big Polka Dot Tropic Mist Big Polka Dot The Matilda Pumpkin I love these and since I already ordered my girls their clothing now when it comes I will be ready. Yes, I know usually the matches come so much faster than the middle of the month. I am handling that on my end I promise. Next launch it won’t be so long!

Here are some options of matching bows! They don’t have to be printed – One Stop Bow Shop has so many colors to match.

These bows are also great matches. Large Mamas Kisses Corduroy. Big Polka Coral Rose and Blue Lagoon Polka Dot.

Now here is the deal… you have been waiting for right? Yes, this bow is FREE. I am launching this a day early for BLOG READERS so here is what you are going to have to do… Want that bow – it is free with any size order (just add to cart). Yes, you must place an order, but hey – shipping is free right now because well I am calling it September Savings! Why is this so special for blog readers? Here is why! Because if you order TODAY you can also get this bow free too…. remember it is online right now for free (photo below if you didn’t click the link yet)… Yup – all you have to do is add both of those bows to your cart before you checkout. OKAY BUT THAT ISN’T ALL… because you know I love a great deal right..

Starting now (for blog readers, everyone else will find out Saturday) – the weekend that is through September 20th you can get 25% off Zebra and Leopard hairbows! That is right! Code: animallover gets you the deal for that! Click these two links to easily shop leopard bows and zebra bows. Did I mention… that there is FREE SHIPPING right now also? I am pretty sure I did but in case you skipped that part… There is FREE SHIPPING too right now.

This next part is equally as important…. my small business One Stop Bow Shop is turning 10 years old soon. I couldn’t be more thrilled about this. My last 10 years in business have been crazy. I’ll post more about the entire story closer to time of the my anniversary – I get the question a lot about how I started and what it has been like…. anyways save these dates in your phone! I have one more thing below and then we can be done for today friends…. it is an opt in deal soooo keep reading!

Did you know that you can now interact easily with other bow mamas just like you? Plus I go on the group often and interact with everyone and include special things that are fun and update customers on specific things and you know just get social! I have a lot of mamas that like to go on there and post photos of their littles and tell everyone what they are wearing for the day. Some moms ask what color bow would you put with this and so on and so on! It has been a fun place to see relationships grow. Come check it out… I mean there is a coupon – it is worth it for the coupon! Do it by the 20th of September though to get it (for new members only).

That is your Fabulous Finds Friday! I hope that that surprise day early coupon and extra free bow is amazing enough for you… oh and deals! Now I am going to grab some breakfast – see you back here Monday! Love Always, Casey

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