Total Bowhead Thursday

It’s here again! Total Bowhead Thursday… let’s look at some cute little bowheads. It has been fun y’all sending photos in to share. Keep it going! You can do that by tagging us on social media, posting it in a direct message or simple emailing me at

So many cute photos!

My bowheads swimming in their bows… yes, that is right – it doesn’t hurt the One Stop Bow Shop bow to get wet!

Have you started following us everywhere yet? Checkout my Linktree (honestly, it makes it easy to go from one place to the next).

Remember right now this bow is completely free on the site. All you have to do is add it to cart and purchase something. Yes, we are asking that you purchase something (we had a few people try to just get the free hairbow… sorry mamas it is only coming to you if you actually place an order). Get ready for the Halloween season on us! This bow was in last years Bow Box and fans went so crazy for it that we brought it to the site and now we are offering it to you FREE!

I posted this the other day on Instagram and Facebook – have you been watching my kids each morning? I have been showing off their bows and outfits. So if you want to know where their outfits or clothing is from just click the photos on social because I have totally been tagging what they are wearing!

On a different note I am looking for some awesome clothing brands for my kids to wear so if you know of any small businesses that you all love I would love for you to reach out to me about it. Or if you own a small business – lets talk 🙂

Plus it is totally time to join the FACEBOOK PRIVATE GROUP because if you haven’t and you opt in before the 18th I am passing out a VERY SPECIAL COUPON for you. I will message you after you request to be in the group.

Remember the other day I told y’all I like to bake and cook, I said it on My Stories… if you missed that yes, I love to bake and cook. It is true and here is a little about me really quick “Tid Bit Thursday”. Here is what I cooked yesterday night. Yes it is so nice that the kids are back in school I have somewhat of a regular routine again.

Sometimes I buy stuff already cut up to make life easier (being honest it might be what $1 more sometimes and it is worth it to me). Here is what I do if you missed out the other day. I plan my meals through Pinterest. I get other peoples ideas and then I make it my own most of the time or follow as close as I can to what they suggest.

Step by Step 1 – of how I like to plan out… I look at photos and drool over what sounds good (this alone makes me feel great). I typically do this the last 15 minutes before I go to bed. I know THEY (whoever “they” is) say not to do anything on the phone before you go to bed… but honestly it is like my me time and I enjoy doing it…. I pin ANYTHING I think I will EVER cook. I put it in a board called “Food to Try” and “Back to Planning“.

Step by Step 2- typically on Saturday during the days when the kids are content and I am not having to play and entertain them for a bit I decide what sounds good for Sunday – Thursday/ Friday of the next week…. I think put the reciepes I want to cook into a board called “This Weeks Meals” after that I make my grocery list online and then go pick up on Sunday after Church. It is simple and then its smart too because all the recipes are in one spot for the week of.

Step 3 – Most Important if you ask me! After I make the meals I decide do I want to cook that again? If the answer is yes, I move the food to “It was worth a cook” if the answer is no then I delete it…. but now typing that out maybe I should make a board that is nah not a do over and keep it a locked board? I don’t know usually I remember if I tried something and didn’t like it… I will think about that before I start doing it.

***This might sound like a lot of steps to you but it keeps me organized. How I see it is I am using Pinterest as a way to organize my life not so much as a “work tool” which it can be and I have done some posting for One Stop Bow Shop into Pinterest…. but lately not so much I should probably do at least 1 post a week to it though… maybe that can be my 2021 goal! LOL

However if you want to see what I am cooking you can totally follow me there if you want! This isn’t on my board anywhere I just added blueberries and chocolate chips to banana bread muffins (homemade family recipe but if you really want it ask me and ill send it to you). I did just post a recipe to try out though- that will be my next go round of banana bread!

After the girls had their banana bread and yes the Tuscan Chicken dinner they did eat it! After that they wanted to make marshmallows by the fire in their new target pjs. It was hard to argue with them… I mean they did eat Tuscan Chicken for dinner with zucchini.

The photo might not be the brightest or the best but darn it was good! Anyways that is a little about me and a little about One Stop Bow Shop… now go grab that free bow! I will see you back here tomorrow for Friday Finds… Love Always, Casey

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