What You Missed Wednesday

If you haven’t been on Instagram Stories or Facebook Stories in a week oh my goodness you missed out… checkout all these orders… (remember you can go back and look at them in my Story Highlights on Instagram!) Yes each one of these orders was shipped out within this last week. Crazy busy around the office right now! Which I am so grateful for. Scroll through and see which one might have been your order or if there is something you can’t live without.

Before you start let me remind you One Stop Bow Shop has FREE SHIPPING right now and I just started ANOTHER FREE BOW (just add to cart and place an order – 1 per client). Click here to go to OneStopBowShop.com

Wow that is so many orders and there is still more to show you! If you have questions on something specific just email me – theonestopbowshop@gmail.com or direct message me or shoot you can even call or text the office phone for all I care (817.908.2693) ! I am here to help you! Direct Message on Instagram too – that is always a fast way to get to me!

Still more that went out…

And… we… are… still…. going….

So that is it! Those are the orders that we shipped within this last week. However we aren’t caught up yet. We still have 40 orders in the office to ship out by Friday (orders process within 1/5 business days so we are super quick- the only bow shop that ships that fast). Like I was saying earlier though, we are starting that free bow today! Yay. Click here to go look at the Witches Feet bow on the homepage of OneStopBowShop.com

See you back here tomorrow for Total Bowhead Thursday! Love Always, Casey

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