Tuesday Talk

Good Morning! As I sit here with my coffee and my dog Harper- she the cutest Golden Doodle ever and offers the best emotion support, if you were thinking what dog you need next you NEED a doodle. They are the best! Just don’t leave socks laying around the first year though- total side note. Back to why you are here – What am I going to teach you this morning? Without a second of sipping on my freshly made coffee I have already figured it out. I want to talk to you about how to save on your solid hairbows all year long!

Here it goes.

First off if you haven’t heard One Stop Bow Shop offers a product each month under the category called The Big Bundle. What happens is each month the colors in the bundle change out. For example here are the upcoming months (October – December)– I love how these colors are spot on to what your needs are going to be for Fall, Thanksgiving and Christmas (I mean it is totally like I planned it out that way ☺️) Let me go one more step deeper for you.

Each month has 8 hairbows and each month offers new colors – all year long. You pick the size. You pick the hardware. You pick if you want elastic headbands to go with it. You get a great savings! There it is… what you have been looking for the word savings… how much could you save buying bows in a bundle this way? 30% off! Guys, that is almost three free bows on some of the sizes! The code for the discount is typically on the homepage. Just like all of the sales One Stop Bow Shop offers they are always listed on the homepage.

Sure, you will have your occasional post that says -leave a specific comment at checkout for something extra like a bow, bowholder, coupon and more fun things I come up with. So don’t stop watching social… it can be your friend too… I don’t put all my information in one spot (I like to keep y’all looking).

Above is the September Box! Guess what the best part is? You don’t have to sign up for this to be a monthly thing. This is just a product I offer to you each month. If you want to make it a monthly thing because you don’t want to think about it you just want to collect hairbows (of course we can do that for you) but if you only want lets say September and December sure you can totally buy those two months just by coming to the website during those months and checking out with the code! Speaking of the code I bet you are looking for it right about now, let me go ahead and just give you that September8 use that at checkout to redeem the 30% off and for BLOG READERS ONLY leave a comment that you need a free bowholder to go with it (please let me know the color you want). Click here to go buy your bundle!

Have you bought this item before or honestly any other item on the site? Make sure you take what you learned last week with the Product Reviews and go review it! Remember for every 10 product reviews you get a free bowholder (sent with your next order).

Just in case you forgot how to do it! Or scroll back to last Tuesdays post!

I hope you have a wonderful Tuesday! I have 2 children I am needing to make breakfast for now! Just like all of you. Way to go mommas for getting it all done. Even if you don’t get it all done… that is okay – we all have tough days so just stick with it and keep those heads up! Time management can be tough sometimes. See you back here tomorrow for What You Missed Wednesday (there are a ton of orders to showoff). Love Always, Casey

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