My Life Monday!

As I write this I can’t believe it is here already… Monday. I mean wow, the weekend went so fast. Thank you to everyone who placed orders for that free bow this weekend! Here is a little of what we did this weekend. Starting with the girls Friday School shot of course. I know many of you have loved seeing these on social media lately so I am going to try my best to take a photo each day of my girls going off to school and tell you what bows they have on also! So be watching for that each morning!

I sure thought it was funny on Friday when Penley said she need to wear leggings and a coat to school (it was going to be 85 degrees and in her mind that was cold). Yes, to answer your question she did wear the coat all day long! I was amazed also. I understood the morning because yes, we are in Texas and it was cooler that morning but like I just said YES WE ARE IN TEXAS! If you are laughing right now we can totally stay friends.

However, Penley did change after school when she got home because she was hot at home and she knew we were also going to Joe T’s for dinner with friends! Aren’t these kids so sweet Look at them holding their cookies that are super pretty – they came from J Rae’s in Fort Worth! They were sugar cookies, my friend just introduced me to them by bringing them to Joe T’s and oh my goodness they were so good. It is hard to make pretty sugar cookies taste good – but this company sure did!

My girls have LOVED playing with their American Girl Dolls lately. Every year they go through this phase of playing with them hard core for like 5 months then they move on to something else for a month or two… then they go back to AGD…. do your kids have a toy they do this with? I assume this is totally normal – I mean just thinking of my life… I guess I do this exact same thing if I step back and think about it… I would say it is probably with coffee flavors or makeup though not my toys.

Both of the American Girls are wearing our Tuxedo Velvet bows! The SMALL size is the perfect size on a doll ( I know you were wondering). These girls changed outfits like 3 times on Saturday… and took several of their dolls down to the trampoline to bounce. They had so much fun bouncing the dolls and talking for them and screaming for them a lot. I am so thankful that my girls still want to be little. It is going to break my heart the day they don’t want to play with a toy.

AND THEN….The Saturday Story…

I’m going to be honest (I feel like you are going to either appreciate what comes next or totally be mad but here it goes anyways because all moms go through this at some point and I feel like we are friends enough I can tell you and not be like ooohhh good it isn’t just me) all these photos are great and fun and yes looks like I have it together… but this same day on Saturday we had some highs and some lows. Our highs are all in the photos you see, they are all real… the lows lets just say I didn’t take a photo of…. we had meltdowns…. all three of us girls actually for all different reasons… all because something didn’t go the way we expected. Life threw us a curveball on Saturday around lunchtime and we swung and totally missed it. It started by Paisley got upset their plans got changed for the day she was totally looking forward to them (but as I told her sometimes life happens and plans have to change). Penley got upset because I said we were going to go out for lunch that I didn’t want to cook another meal of Ramen and Pizza at home (their first choice and first mistake telling me when I was hungry) and we also weren’t going where she wanted to go. You know when you kid goes (I want blah blah blahbut they never eat what they order at that place they really really want to go to). Yah, so I kinda lost it…just for a minute though… nothing crazy…. just kinda gave my kids the truth about them wanting somewhere where they don’t even like but want to go there.. mostly because I was past the point of hungry (I get hangry if you wanted to know something that a lot of people don’t know about me). This is important for those closest to me to know… that way they can look for the signs of Crazy Casey coming. My girls know the signs. I fussed at them all the way to On The Border where I thought okay chip and dip instantly when we sit down… it can fix all this… what else fixes a bad mood? Yes, Instagram’s Doggy ears. All three of us girls were laughing and saying sorry to each other within 1 minute of putting chips in our mouths!

I mean how could you be upset after taking photos with dog ears? Of course you can’t. Plus I do have the sweetest children… they can’t help it if they love Rame and Pizza.

Back to some smiles on Sunday! Love going to church. It is always a great way to start the day… well honestly started the day way before church today but I hope you know what I mean… Church is always a good idea! Today was baby dedication and honestly that always makes me cry even if I don’t know the child at all… (see y’all are learning more and more about me already) Funny but it gets to me… I think it is just the idea of the entire thing. Because I have stood up there and dedicated my babies I know that feeling.. you are trusting God with your kid(s), you are making a statement that this child is His and to do with them as he has planned… chills every single time.

Here is what my girls wore to church today! Paisley is sporting that Giraffe bow we had early this year in The Bow Box (it was limited edition– but we are bringing it to the site soon) and Penley has on a Unicorn bow… as you start seeing more and more of the girls you will notice Penley LOVES Unicorns… I mean if there is a Unicorn she is in!

I love both my children so very much but this little one has been melting my heart lately. I think it is because she just started Kinder and she is my youngest…. I mean look at that face! I hope it makes your day a little better just seeing her eat that Oreo Ice Cream Cookie! Have a wonderful Monday and I will see you back here on Tuesday Talk! Love Always, Casey!

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