Friday Finds!

Guess what!? We did it again. We made it to Friday. It is always excited to be at Friday because that mean the weekend!!!! That means something again to me now that the kids are back in school. Since I am super excited it is Friday and almost the weekend I wanted to make sure you know about the Fabulous Finds you can get from me at One Stop Bow Shop.

First off you have to know that this weekend you can get this free hairbow! All you have to do is add it to cart and place an order. That is simple right!?

This is the Matilda Jane Matches for September…. let me explain why this is a fabulous find… You buy the solids and I give you the prints free… let me repeat that for you… I GIVE YOU THE PRINTS FREE – yes you can pick the size I give you free too! That is an amazing deal.

Need some fall colors? I got this Big Bundle for you… you can even add on elastics or big kid bands…. it gets better…. it is discounted at 30% off with code: september8

After waiting 3 weeks these wonderful two prints finally can be offered in size LARGE! Yay, I know many of you were waiting for us to get the ribbon in for them. Which one is your favorite? Donut Shop or Cupcake Bakery I have one last thing to show you that is in my Fabulous Friday Finds… in case you haven’t been paying attention lately…. This next bow has fans excited…

It is the Party Favor Cupcake hairbow… love it right!!!? I love that you can use washable markers on this bow and make it your own. Penley had such a good time coloring hers! All you have to do once you want to do it again is throw it in the washing machine or you can hand wash it in the sink if you would like. We even tested it when we went swimming one day by the time Penley was in the pool for 30 mins the bow was clean and ready to color again!

Those are the Fabulous Finds that you can find today on the site. I do have another surprise for you too… for BLOG READERS WHO PLACE AN ORDER THIS WEEKEND and leave me a comment on their order placed that you read FRIDAYS FABULOUS FINDS I will send you a special coupon for your next order and a free flower clip (surprise style not listed).

Make sure you remember to add this bow to your cart also! Don’t forget… Love, Always Casey!


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