Total Bowhead Thursday!

Is it me or did we get to Thursday pretty quick? I mean having Labor Day this week really through me off all week. Part of me feels it is Friday and part of me is still stuck on Wednesday. Maybe it is just me. I guess it is Thursday all day long so what about we do a little Total Bowhead Thursday. Checkout all these adorable photos of our little bowhead customers!

I mean come on how happy do they all look!? Adorable. I love it when you share photos – because that means I get to interact with you all and see your little girls grow up too. Many of my customers have two daughters! Which means we probably met when you had only one and along the way another came along. This makes me so happy. I love seeing your photos on Instagram and now in our Facebook Private Group too!

If you are wondering how to submit photos to me – honestly it is easy! Share photos on social media and tag @onestopbowshop – on Instagram I am asking people if it is okay for me to share on blog! If you want to reach out to me and send them in email or direct message that is fine too. I will take your photos any way you want to submit them!

A few people wanted to know how Penley’s first day of real school went… this face sums it up. She said it was fantastic. She was so happy to go and a huge surprise happened during the middle of her day (it was huge for her at least). She went to the restroom and bumped into her big sister (who is in 4th grade). Paisley immediately gave her little sister a hug! It was a sweet sister surprise and Paisley said it made her day to see her sister at school with her. I am glad that they get to share that (even if it is meeting up in the restroom). I honestly am sad though it is just for this year. Never again will they be in the same school at the same time. Hopefully they just cherish this year as much as I will.

I have one funny story that I do have to tell about Penley. My sister Stormie called to see how my girls day was at school and the girls of course took my phone (on FaceTime) and went in the other room. Later that night my sister called back. She said I have to tell you something that Penley told me. I said ohhhh okay (in my head I am thinking oh shoot what did she say to her). Stormie started telling me their conversation and it eventually lead to this…..

Stormie – do you know anyone in your class? Penley – yes. Stormie – how many people are in your class? Penley -I don’t know. Stormie – are there a lot of boys in your class? Penley – yes. Stormie – Are any of them cute? Penley – ALLLL OFFF THEEEEMMMM. (YES this deserves the long letters and the caps lock because that is just how it went).

Oh my goodness guys, I am in trouble with that one. Actually with both of the girls. They are both boy crazy already. Please pray for me! Anyways that is a little update on the Thursday Blog and also a Tid Bit Thursday into my life!

Now I am off to make breakfast again! Love Always, Casey.

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