What You Missed Wednesday

Hey Mamas, it is great to see you back here on What You Missed Wednesday! I wanted to show you the orders that came in lately – they are so pretty! If you see something you need to know what it is let me know! Or head to One Stop Bow Shop and do a little shopping.

Also wanted to show you what I’ve been working on lately (behind the scenes). So here is a little bit of this weeks list… headbands!!!! Some of you might already know I work a lot. No one tells you that owning your own business is a lot of work and a lot of different hats to wear (there is so much of it if you personally don’t do it then it won’t get done). Yes, I have a wonderful staff that is amazing and does a ton of work so I don’t have to.

I Love What I Do – so it doesn’t bother me one bit to do it. Sometimes… yes, like everyone else I feel overworked or burnt out for a hot minute! In those moments I step back and try to relax or take a couple nights off of it all and just be… or start watching Netflix and play on Pinterest! You should totally send me a few ideas for me to watch on Netflix by the way because when I am doing this hard work behind the scenes I do like to have something on for noise so I don’t hear myself think too loud! HAHA

Checkout these bands I’ve been working on updating to the site – they are the thin elastics. Many of you have seen them BUT we have never had really good photos of them until now. I am still working on uploading them but know that they are cute! My goal is to have them up by Friday for you to view by color.

All those colors above have matching bands to go with them! The size in photo is Xlarge. I am working on y’all being able to purchase sizes: small – xlarge jumbo with the band and also to have the option for attached to band or interchangeable. The other option you will have is if you want to customize the bow to be a different color than the band.

This is the Apple color! I can’t wait for you to see the other ones I’ve done too. There is always something to do on the computer for y’all. It is fun to try to break up my day with half computer work and then half boxing and shipping your orders. I like to be the one to box and ship now because I get to look at each order as it goes out the door! Makes me happy on so many levels. I get to see the amazing items you buy and I get to see the quality of my staffs great work. Plus what I have noticed is that I get to see what I can teach you all from the orders.

On a completely different note I have to update y’all… Penley and Paisley started school back yesterday and they were so happy to be there. They had a great day.

Here is their photo from yesterday morning. I promise to keep y’all posted on these two littles. I know you all love hearing about them. Well, that right there is all you missed lately. A little work and little me. Now I have to get those kids off to day 2 of school!

Love Always, Casey

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