Tuesday Talk

By popular demand Tuesdays are dedicated to teaching you something! Today I want to teach you how to properly do a product review. You may ask why? Well there is a Free Bowholder in it for you when you complete 10 and yes if you do 20 you get 2 bowholders and so on and so on! For those of you that have been around One Stop Bow Shop for a while you know I love a good giveaway, free product, freebie – whatever you want to call it! It is a way I give back to my community of little bowhead families!

I personally am visual – so let me show you and also tell you how to do this. It’s going to be like school for bowhead mamas really quick!

When you place orders make sure you login so this works for you! When you are ready to review a product sign into One Stop Bow Shop (on computer the login is at the top of homepage – photo below is on phone) with your email address and password. Head to account. Tap on orders. Open the order that you want to do product reviews on. This will give you a list of what you purchased with OSBS. You will then need to either copy and paste the name into the search bar or type it in the search bar (your choice). After that see in step 6 where it says “write a review“. That is what you will click for it to open up to step 7 – make sure you fill out all the information and click submit! It is that easy.

Now that is just a tad bit of what I wanted to teach you today. I have a few little videos to go over a few things you might enjoy. Of course I don’t want to overload your brain so I will keep this short for you! Under each video I’ll sum it up with some thoughts and links!

These above are Grosgrain Style Bows (Grosgrain is a fabric of ribbon, but it is also our basic bow so we just call it Grosgrain!) Grosgrain Bows typically have the knot center (One Stop Bow Shop is known for its pretty scrunch in the middle). That scrunch takes a lot of work and effort to do it the right way! If you were to compare our bow to another bow company you would totally see the difference (those videos and photos will be later). Have ever purchased from another hairbow company? Chances are you have… you could compare them. One Stop Bow Shop take so much pride into the details of our bows (we won’t just throw something together). You can customize your center right here.

Above you have the Classic Grosgrain with the Grosgrain underneath it. We call the Classic Grosgrain… Classic because, well it is just that (the classic look of clothing the clothing style like with smocking on it). Still don’t see the difference? The ribbon is the same! Yes, but the center is different. The center on a Classic Grosgrain is FLAT. That is the only difference.

Looking for something more dressy? One Stop Bow Shop has Satin and Sheer ribbons too! Here are two of the fans favorites. Satin Stack and Satin Sheer Stack. Both of these have a spot to customize too so if you want the top bow a different color you can do that to match an outfit or dress. We have a lot of flower girls that tend to do this!

More Satin hairbows… yes but these are like the Satin basic bow (not stacked) I do love these colors though White, Ivory and Tan. We are in Fall season now so it’s a good time to order Velvet bows – for Velvet bows we have 2 options right now… your standard Velvet Basic (not shown above) and the Velvet shown about Velvet Tuxedo (Tuxedo is just a style name – it lays flat and looks a little like a bowtie on a tuxedo lol). Another sweet style above is the Sheer Bow – once again we just call it Sheer because that is the ribbon type it is, it is our basic sheer style (some people call this organza ribbon, but I think sheer sounds prettier). We do also have a Sheer with Glitter on it too… speaking of glitter…

Two more fabrics that I love. Glitter Grosgrain and Burlap. Burlap I love for fall! It does come in a basic (click here) as well… but the style above it a bowtie (I know it looks like a bowtie). Back to Glitter… yes we have Glitter Grosgrain and NO the glitter on this bow does not flake off. A lot of people think it is going to but it doesn’t! This style also comes in a beautiful stacked bow! Speaking of stacked bows checkout these next bows…

Did I just blow your mind? Did I just help you step up your bow game? I sure hope so. I can’t wait to see what kinda bows you stack together! Send me photos on social media by tagging @onestopbowshop or email me! TheOneStopBowShop@gmail.com

These right here… these are my ultimate favorite for Fall and Winter.. forever I told myself no no no we weren’t doing Velvet bows and I can’t possibly have another fabric of ribbon – I mean where on earth am I going to put it? Well guess what, yes you got it… and I totally did get it both of them Velvet and Corduroy. The Corduroy was a hum… maybe my fans will like it – I will have to try it first.. but honestly after we made that first sample bow I was sold! Now I am counting down the days until Penley and Paisley have a fall enough outfit for them. I’m thinking really soon. Maybe this week!

Anyways! I hope you all loved Tuesday Talk – I know I enjoyed putting this together for you all. Please please please let me know what questions you have or what you want to learn about next. I hope you all have a wonderful Tuesday now… these two kids of mine are going to their first real day of school! Photos will be on Instagram Stories! See you there. Love Always, Casey

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