My Life Monday

It’s Labor Day Monday which means the sale on One Stop Bow Shop ends tonight! Yes, you still have a few hours to grab 10-30% off the site. It is a tier discount so depending on how much you want to spend is how much you will save! Plus free shipping on orders over $30. You should read the blog then go check it out!

Here is what has been going on lately with me and my girls (Paisley and Penley). We went on a Target run for school supplies and I let the girls talk me into them spending some of their money from chores (yes, my children get paid to do chores, we are trying to learn responsibly and how much a dollar is worth). We did also get the school supplies! I am so super excited for Tuesday (they go back to in person school).

Mustard Blooms Bow

Paisley is super ready for school to be back. Today she said I was ready to go back day one of Spring Break last year! Haha. She loves school.

Another fun something we got ourselves into this weekend was Joe T Garcia’s if you are from the DFW area you know that place – or you better. If you don’t I am sorry we can’t be friends (lol obviously I am joking we can be friends still). Let me tell you about this place we love it. It is a Mexican Food restaurant in Fort Worth and it has the best outside patio with plants and water features everywhere. It is the only restaurant I know that you can go outside in Texas heat and enjoy your meal. If you ever visit Fort Worth you have to stop here!

My kids always pack a backpack full of toys to play with at dinner! It gets all over the tables but hey they are happy and that makes me happy too!

Both girls were excited to get their backpacks ready for school! We have it all organized to go on Tuesday. The saddest part is we can’t walk the girls into school and this is super sad as many of you are going through the same thing ( I have a Kindergartner this year, I am never going to have this first again – Penley is our baby) But speaking of first…

Penley lost her first tooth on Sunday afternoon. While swimming in the pool she said her tooth was loose and she asked my husband (Brandon) to pull it out. No one told me what was happening – one minute Penley says my tooth is loose I bumped into the slide mommy and I say you are fine Penley (not wanting her to cry about it) no it isn’t and then next minute she comes back smiling without a bottom tooth. She is getting too big. Not a fan of how my little one is growing up so fast.

It is really hard to show you a smile about loosing a bottom tooth but this was our best effort! Crazy eyes and wide smile!

Being back at church is fabulous for me and my family. It was time for sure. We have been back for about 1.5 month I would guess and it is crazy how much I missed and needed it. Balance and routine is always welcome at my house for sure. Chaos is fine but I can only do it in small amounts before I loose it.

I am also super excited about this coming week because Paisley gets to start sports up again! She is going to be in Volleyball and Basketball this fall. I will coach her in Volleyball. Someone else with more Basketball skills can coach her there (lol I could coach her in basketball – I played as a kid and I do love playing, just don’t have the time to do both and that is a lot of extra kids to manage). Mondays will now be our busiest day of the week. Volleyball at 5 Basketball at 6. I like getting it all out of the way in one day though! Penley isn’t in any sport this year but maybe in the Spring I will let her sign up for something. She can’t wait for 1st grade because that means she can play volleyball. She loves playing around with Paisley.

That is just a little of what is happening in my life lately! I hope you enjoyed this little episode of my blog and more will come next Monday but until then you will have to watch on IG Stories for something in between – See you back here tomorrow for Tuesday Talk ( I hope to teach you a few things!).

Love Always, Casey

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