Friday Finds!

You did it! You made it to Friday. Guess what it is a long weekend too – because it is a holiday weekend. That is right Labor Day weekend… I think that calls for a Sale don’t you? Here is the deal… I will give you the sale yes, but if you leave a comment at checkout that you want a free bowholder I will do that too for you… just for reading my blog! Nice right (I love free) – let me say that again – comment at checkout that you want (whatever color bowholder) for free … maybe say something cute like (Blog Reader Here, Pink Bowholder) You’re welcome girl you deserve it! 🙂

Before I tell you about the Sale, first let me show you my Friday Finds from my site! Get ready for SPORTS! Here are a few of them but click here to see all of our sport bows!

This Velvet Tuxedo style has been selling like crazy lately. It comes in about 21 colors and oh my goodness it lays so sweet on. Look at sweet Paisley and my little Harper Doodle! Paisley has on the Large size, checkout all these colors we have! Buy now. Monday I am going to show you all the hairbows I brought home to Paisley and Penley (little secret that you only know from reading the blog).

You can customize this style now! Pick any size Large print to go with a solid ribbon behind and even choose your center color. Yes, if you want both pieces to be solid that is okay too! Click here to see more details!

The Metallic Bright hairbow is a Fall and Winter must! click here to see all the colors. Love the little video!? Guess what there are 3 bows there. Yes, the Metallic Bright (gold) was stacked on top of the football bow (it is easy, all you do is use the alligator slide and slide it into the center of the next bow) If you wanted to get really crazy you could stack all 3 of those bow together!! Go team go!

Make sure if you want this Koala bow for free you add it to your cart by September 7th at midnight (I extended it for the sale). Speaking of Sale here it goes…. I am having a Tier Level Sale! YAY. You pick what discount based off how much you want to spend.

Tier 1 = 10% off any size order Tier 2= 15% off orders over $30 spent Tier 3 = 30% off orders over $75 spent

Come check it out! Don’t forget the Free Koala Bow and the Free Bowholder Comment! I hope you all have a wonderful and safe weekend! Love Always, Casey!

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