Total Bowhead Thursday!

Alright! We made it to Thursday! Guess what that means…. I get to introduce to y’all the One Stop Bow Shop #TBT yah kinda clever right!? I had some help on this from a sweet customer with the play on hashtag. – she came up with the hashtag and I came up with the words to go with it! Anyways… Yes, I am starting a segment called “Total Bowhead Thursday” each Thursday I am going to post photos of real life customers wearing our hairbows! I would love for you to send me photos of course and join in the fun. These sweet customers sent them via Facebook Private Group! You can join the group and send them there or contact me privately – another great way to do this is on Instagram use our #onestopbowshop or tag @onestopbowshop and that will give you a chance to be featured as well.

Checkout all these sweet bowheads that submitted their photos in for the blog! I love all these photos – adorable girls sporting their favorite shop!

There are so many cute bowheads living there best lives! I am so thankful I get to share these photos with you all. I mean come on I think I have the cutest customers ever!

Checkout this sweet bowhead! Isn’t she adorable. Let me tell you really quick about her bow… its a great idea too… she took 2 of her One Stop Bow Shop solid hairbows and put them together (all you do is slide one under the center of the next) and then she bought this adorable name bow from girl.august (link is to their Instagram account) here is the site link I am totally buying one of these for my daughter Penley – she will love it!

I always love getting photos from these sweet sisters! Look at all the colors they have! I mean I think it is all 98 of them. This is seriously probably 5% of the bows these two little ones have. I will have to show you more photos of these girls and ALL THEIR BOWS later. If I had to guess the amount of One Stop Bow Shop bows that they have takes up their entire wall of their bedroom top to bottom. NO JOKING their momma is by far a huge OSBS fan! PS – Amy, can’t wait for you to send me all the girls bows photo!

I have been loving all the Baby Bowheads that have been finding their way into One Stop Bow Shop family! I have to say it is probably all my sweet customers spreading the word on social media that One Stop Bow Shop is the best! I truly love that you all tell your friends about my company. Y’all have blessed my heart and my family. I am proud to call y’all my Bow Shop Family. Keep spreading the word!!! This little business of mine has almost been around for 10 years. I can’t wait to celebrate that with you all.

Here are a few ways you can do that just by your everyday photos of your kiddos:

  1. Instagram – Tag and Hashtag #onestopbowshop @onestopbowshop
  2. Facebook and tag us @onestopbowshop (group) or tag the page account!
  3. Review us on Google! (I send a free surprise bow on next order placed – as a thank you!)
  4. Story tag us!

Well, there you have it a few of our bowheads in real life and a great 1st post of Total Bowhead Thursday! Now, it is time to get these kids of mine some lunch and log them back into virtual learning for the last day! Tuesday they start REAL SCHOOL!

Love Always, Casey

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