What You Missed Wednesday!

It’s Wednesday! I am starting a BLOG POST for every Wednesday called “WHAT YOU MISSED WEDNESDAY”. In every Wednesday Post you will find what people ordered. It will be orders from the week prior (Wednesday through Tuesdays of the actual week we are in). I am super excited about this. It may look like a lot of orders BECAUSE IT IS! If you didn’t realize how busy One Stop Bow Shop is you are about to. If you ever thought this is a company that I work out of my house (girl, you are so wrong). I do a lot of work from home yes, but it is always marketing, planning and you know computer related… well unless we are swamped then at night when my kids go to bed I make bows before I go to bed – yes, I have an actually office with real employees!

Back on track now… on some of the orders I will tell you about them but if you EVER see something you like that I don’t tell you what it is or give a link… all you have to do is SNAP SHOT IT and send it to me. Do that by emailing me (theonestopbowshop@gmail.com) or message me somewhere on social media… Instagram is the best but I eventually get around to Facebook messages too (not sure why Facebook is so hard for me to check but it’s just not an easy notification process I think). If I have a little side note on the photo you can easily use the search bar button on onestopbowshop.com to find that item!

There you have it- what you missed from last week… did you know I post these into My Stories on Instagram and Facebook also!? Yes, I try to do a video of each order coming through the office – so if you want to stock my Highlights that is where you can hear me talking about all these orders (I save them there).

So I know I was supposed to blog this way earlier this morning but life happened but yay me for making the time to get to it for you right!? Right. Now I have to go because I promised y’all I would put these bows online! Make sure you look in the New Items area for them – they are coming!

Love Always, Casey!

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